10 Ridiculous Ole Time Jamaican Remedies

Ridiculous Ole Time Jamaican Remedies
Written by Delano George Bell

Most Jamaican grannies would argue that modern medicine is not nearly as effective as ole time remedies. Jamaican grannies have a cure for everything. Some of you won’t publicly admit it but you still do some of these ridiculous things no matter how they make you feel after. While some of them do work, Granny may have exaggerated their potency and effectiveness. Here are 10 Ridiculous Ole Time Jamaican Remedies.

  1. Putting bissy (cola nut) on a cut or wound.
  2. Taking a “sea bath” for the flu or cold. A head to toe dip in the sea is said to cure a flu or cold.
  3. Tipping white rum in the middle of your “mole” (head) after washing your hair
  4. Drinking bissy or mint tea for every ailment.
  5. Putting newspaper in your clothes on your chest to prevent vomiting on a long trip
  6. Putting “jeyes/jaze” on a wound to pull out the splinter
  7. Putting male urine in your eye to cure an eye infection
  8. Drinking various rodent soups to cure whooping cough
  9. Drinking ganja tea to cure every type of ailment
  10. Putting a Leaf from the “leaf of life plant ” on your head to cure a headache
  11. BONUS: Drinking a teaspoon of Kerosine oil already used from lamp to cure colic

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Delano George Bell

  • taylormade1

    Jeyes (jaze) is the brand name for a product that is used on animals to prevent wounds from becoming infected. Granny used to say she was gonna clean out our mouth with Jeyes (those of us kids who cursed) LOL

  • Caribbean DAWN

    These are not “ridiculous” Most of these remedies are herbal remedies passed on through oral history from our ancestors and hold lots of validity. One should not be so dismissive of our “grannies” and so dismissive of healing approaches that are not tablet based.

  • Ise

    What is ridiculous about them? We were the first to use ganja as medicine; and the other have now followed. Maybe they are slow on getting around to rat soup…but these things take time…they will learn in time. Jeye is a disinfectant so it would have worked.