Ms. Dulcie Sey: "What a way dem greedy and gravalicious!"

Greetins an Salutations to hall of mi readas an lisseners! Ow iz hall hof uno standin hup to de Recession? Lorks mi deres hevrywhere yu go people is bog dung inna doom an gloom.  Tings is so bad, yet still, hevryday de wul is movin fasta dan a rocket ship wid hall dem new technology an gadgets.

Me get so blinkin irritated wid all de “guzongu “sinting dem, wey dem come hout wid….de blackberry, hipod, app phone and nookie book. Hevry minute me staff hask me did yu get me message pon twitter?

Me nuh heven undastand de big deal wid de tweet-tweet dem….me go pon de site an me get so confuse me run hoff quick-quick.

Me leff all dat canfusion to mi hasistant she like all dat chupidnes.

Soon dem gwey sen mi letta dem via spaceship an mi haffi run de Halien dem dung fi get it.

Hanyway, me is gettin plenty mail dese days from peple hevrywhere, all my readas dem is frustrated an disgusted wid tings.

Mek me read huno wan letta wey mi get from wan man who cyall himself “Big Bredda”. It seems like hole heap a peple tick dis ya man hoff. 

Dear Ms. Dulcimer:
I am an Event Planner, and I attend many charitable functions that are planned by my Organization. At these events, we often give our Patrons “goodie” bags or souvenirs to take home. We don’t usually monitor the items and we put surplus amounts to ensure that everyone who attends has momentoes to take home with them.

We normally give promotional items away because it is an effective marketing tactic. However, I have found that some people tend to abuse our generosity.

On one occasion I saw a woman bring several tote bags and filled them to the brim of all sorts of goodies. Most recently, I saw a guest fill his SUV with items from a charity event at least three separate times in one day.

Although we do not place limits on the merchandise people should take, we hope that folks would use their discretion and not take more than their share. But this has not been the situation at any of the events that I have attended. It has been my observation that given the opportunity most people will take their share and anybody else’s along the way.

These events always seem to expose the lack of conscience among Society.

Ms. Dulcie, I am curious to hear your interpretation of this issue, please write back with information.

“Big Brother”


Dear Mr. Big Bredda:

Me culdn’t did help but laugh wen mi get yu letta. ‘Cause people iz like dat hall hova de wul. Inna Jamaica we cyall dem de vultures, greedy and gravalicious. Dem de ole relux folks nevva cyan get henough. Dem halways want fi dem share, odder people share, and anyting helse dem cyan get dem hands pon.

Wen Jamaican de a foreign an ship dem barrel dem dung a Jamaica, if yu no mine sharp, de John-Crow dem no bust hopen de barrel dem a tief hout we dem want. Sumtimes de reciber dem ongly get de custed barrel, hempty like a cemetry a night time.

Me go a wan Weddin de odder day an me see wan lady an ar husband, tek two crocus bag an rid de table dem of hall de favors, flowers, candles and silverware. Iz a good ting sey de affair waz halmost ova, ’cause we would haffi use we fingas fi nam two piece a food. An fi mek mattas wus, as dem a go thrugh de door dem tek de balance hof de Weddin cake.

Mi no knoe how dem de charlatans liv wid dem self.

Jussa couple days ago, me go a wan Posh Hotel wen mi visit mi daughta Hingrid. Wen me henta de room dere was no toiletries left. De guest dat waz dere before clean hout de place good. Dem neva heven leave a towel inna de place. Me had fi cyall dung to de front desk fi dem replenish de room. So you see, Mr. Bredda ,dat given de hopportunity, folks will run a muck wid freeness, mekin hit bad far odder peple. thrugh some a dem so blinkin greedy and craven, dem mek tings bad far odder decent, well-meaning folks.

Dat’s why its good to set parameters, and boundries. Dem ragamuffins will haff wan field day, if you doughn’t mek dem knoe dem limitations. Dese hooligans no cyare if nobody helse get what is due to dem, as long as dem get deres, all is good in fi dem wul.

Derefore, mi advise to yu iz, han hout de sinthing dem yuself or mek dem knoe dem limit, hif not, be prepared to be left high and dry.

Tek cyare, an stay viigilant, till next time.

Ms. Dulcimer Robothom

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