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Jamaican Proverbs on Revenge

Do you know what the proverb ” Cyaan ketch Qwaku yuh ketch im shut ” means? Learn it’s meaning in our Jamaican Proverbs on ” Revenge “.

Cyaan ketch Qwaku yuh ketch im shut.
TRANSLATION:Cannot catch Quaku (Harry), catch his shirt.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: To take revenge on someone close to the intended victim.
If you can’t get revenge on someone, take revenge on an associate.
“Round up the usual suspects.”

Ebry day debble help teef; wan dyah Gad wi elp watchman.
TRANSLATION: Every day the devil helps the thief; one day God will help the watchman.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS:  We should not despair when it appears to us that unscrupulous persons continue to take advantage of us with no apparent deterrent.  God never sleeps, and is fully aware of everything occurs.  He will one day reward the efforts of the faithful.
Although it seems that some people get away with doing wrong, they will eventually be punished for their actions.

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