Jamaican Scientists: Dem Brighta Dan Starlight!

For all those folks who think people from a third world country are inferior

I was surprised to find that Jamaican Scientists rose to the top of the line,

They were instrumental in finding the root of most ills,

Some of them cured diseases that killed,

I’m sure plenty of us thought it was North America and Europe,

But my history books say that Jamaican Scientists created many an antidote,

For instance, Dr. Louis Grant broke the cycle of TB,

By providing a vaccine that would make the infection not spread,

If it wasn’t for him all the horses would be dead,

He found out the cause of equine encephalitis,

Saving Jamaica’s billion-dollar horse industry from “ruinitis”,

Dr. William McCulloch, found a cure for Trypanosomiasis,

Some people in Jamaica would say,

“A wha dat misiss?”

Everyone knows about dropsy,

“Trypanosomiasis”, just a medical term to make it sound cutesy,

No more sleeping at the drop of a hat,

‘Cause Dr. McCulloch took care of that,

A Jamaican developed the “Richard’s Procedure”,

Which made lung transplants a panacea of the future,

They say ,women are mostly concerned with couture,

But Dr. Cecily Williams discovered protein deficiency disease which was a medical allure,

So the next time dem sey West Indians are idiots,

Tell dem sey, it was “The Third Worlders” who first discovered there were jackpots.

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Margaret J.Bailey