Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Dem wretched, sweet Lollie Omen!"

Greetings an Salutations !
Ow iz hall hoff me fantabulous peple dem doin out dere inna de wul? Lorks haff iz mercy! A pure hexcitement appinin pon dis ya planet Eart. Mek me see, fuss dere waz de Royal Weddin, which me crane me nek fi watch pon de custed t.v. thrugh mi nevva wan fi miss wan step a hevryting. Hall now me still a suffa from de lumbago pain inna mi shulda.
Den mi waz a lissen pon de radio sey, de hole a Merka a wash wey an tornado mash hup dem country. Lawd Jesus! Iz ongly yu cyan elp dem…….But de mos hexcitin ting me ere iz sey dem ketch Osama…. Mi nevva did tink sey it waz far real…but dem ketch im…tru..tru…..
So, heven dough Merka get whole eap a raga-raga, dem get a likkle bit a satisfaccion to……Praise Jesus!
Me sey, inna fi mi radio bizness me ere nuff crazy sinting hall hoff de time, sumtimes wen yu tink sey, fi yu life iz wacky dere iz hallways simbady helse wid a more wackier tory.
De odder day mi carry mi granbebe go a Docta, so while mi siddung a wait far she, wan nice young oman did siddung next to me. She had a nice likkle bwoy wid ar an im did go fi see de Docta too. So while we wuz waitin, de young lady strike hup wan convarsation wid me. She start fi tell me ow she is a real fuss pot wen it cum to ar likkle pickney, an ow she cyan elp arself……
She tell me sey she worry hall de time, iz halmost like sey she obsessed wid de likkle bwoy…..thru dat she stay ome wid im hall de time an give hup all ar fren dem……She juss went on an on about de sitiation. At fuss, me did juss tink sey, she waz a hegszzagerate, but den hafta she harrass de poor nurse bout fifteen times, den me start fi tink sey, she nevva wrap too tight………
De poor girl waz very hinsecure bout ar pickney hall de time. Me gat very curious, an start fi hask ar why she tink sey she reack dat way all de time…..Ere wey she tell me.
“What is your name….?”
I ansa ar…”Ms. Dulcimer.”
She sey, “Ms. Dulcimer, when I was born , my mother just had me, and ran away from the hospital the same day. I grew up like a fairy princess in an ivory tower, my father was so heartbroken and insecure, that he refused to let me out of his sight for a moment. As I grew older and went to school, meeting other children my own age, I began getting involved in school activities. One day, he came to pick me up after ballet classes, and I could not be found.
I had gone to buy a snow cone, however, he panicked and after that day, I was never a normal child again. I was home schooled after that, and was never allowed to have friends. It wasn’t until after he died that I was allowed to have a life of my own, by that time, I was well into my twenties.”
If yu did drap wan pin, yu woulda nevva did ere it. Me sey, hevrybadie inna de waitin room tart fi bawl, ow dem feel sarry far de girl. She did realy peek mi curiosity, so me hask ar…..
“Den mi luv did yu heva fine yu madda……?”
She replied, “No….I never cared to look. It was obvious she didn’t want to be bothered…Who leaves there child, abandoned in a hospital after birth?”
Dat waz a good question……Me no know what it iz bout me, but peple, hespecially de yung peple dem, like fi tell me dem bizness hall de time…….
Me decide fi hask ar hif ar fadda eva tell ar bout de madda….She reply “Yes.”
“My father told me that she was an aspiring actress, who was attracted to him because he promised her the world. When the world did not come through, and her days in “cafe society” had ceased because she became pregnant. It made her a very unhappy and tempestuous person. The sight of my father began to make her sick, and she could not wait for the day to deliver the source of her unhappiness.”
Well, mi waz very hupset fi knoe sey in dis ya day an hage omen like dis hexist. Yu knoe wey we cyall dem inna fi me time?….Wretches…or sweet Lollie omen. Dem hall tink sey de wul iz fi dem oysta…Hall dem wan fi do iz paarty all de time. Dem de oman ongly wan di live de high life, dem no wan no pickney fi tie hup dem fun.
I felt so bad fi de chile…but what could I sey? Hexcept, “Mi undastand why yu is so ovaprotective ova yu bwoy….yu juss sufrin from hanxiety separation….thru yu been thru so much wid yu fadda and yu madda…Iz like yu fadda waz from wan hextreme to anodder an den yu madda juss nevva cyare enuff bout yu.
She look at me.”Yes, you do understand, I just can’t help myself because of my experiences as a child. I don’t ever want my child to feel unloved or alienated in anyway by anyone. So if most people think I am out of my gourds, then, that is there opinion. I know better.”
What culd me sey, “All me sey iz yu right me chile. Hafta hall, az crazy as dese peple iz out dere, yu haff hevry right fi be ovaprotective!”
De conversation waz very henlightening. We mussey chat far about an owa or so, an den fi me gran bebe an de likkle bwoy came hout a de Docta hoffice almos de same time. Az a granmadda, I use to feel so hupset bout likkle Hingrid,Jr. comin from a broken ome, but hafta dis ya convasation wid dis girle. Likkle Hingrid iz more lucky dan she knoe…azz nutty as fi ar mumma iz, she nevva abandon ar, neider far ballet or anyting helse.
Me wish de young oman a nice life an me tek likkle Hingrid hand a leff de Docta’s hoffice. Az me an likkle Hingrid a mek we way ome, me ere pon de radio sey, “Body of old, aspiring actress found, washed up on a beach, with no family to identify her….”
I wandered hiff it waz sweet, wreteched, Lollie….De yung girle’s mumma. Life iz strange, it waz wishfull tinkin dat lead me fi mek dat association, opin dat de Lollie’s conscience wuld lead ar fi do sumting,….. Anyting….., Afta hall dese years. De sad part iz sum folks are content wid de stance dem tek inna life regardless who dem urt along de way.

Az citizens of de wul we ar so eaga to judge hevrybadie, but we nevva relly knoe peple tory…Dat iz why yu cyan judge a book by its cova.

Ere it iz me waz a tink sey de girle is crazy, an all it relly is, iz dat she get dealt a bad hand of cards.
Me sarry fi de sad sack tory…..but life iz not hallways a bed hoff roses an hif it iz…De macca dem juk yu right hinto reality. Tef cyare till nex time.
Dulcimer Peaches Robothom

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