1 James, Olivia 94 Vere Technical High 53.16
2 Gordon, Chrisann 94 Holmwood Technical 53.43
3 Farquharson, Sandrae 93 Mecps 54.33
4 Scott, Annastasia 93 ST Andrew High 54.79
5 Bennett, Orenthia 93 St. Jago High 55.71
6 Ferguson, Fellan 94 ST Hugh’s High 56.70
7 Derby, Danique 93 Spalding High 58.88
8 Shaw, Kimona 93 Herbert Morrison 59.97


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  • $parkle Puss

    Isn’t it ironic that all these religions created by men “just happen to” oppress the **** out of women?

    You can’t be opposed to slavery & classism while simultaneously treating women like 2nd class citizens & relegating them to perpetual pregnancy/domestic servitude. ALL religions put women below men and only slightly above dogs in their hierarchies of power. A real man would not be afraid of his woman showing her hair, wearing makeup or leaving the house to follow her own interests. These pathetic guys want a dependent servant, not a “Queen” worthy of true respect. That’s what religion is about: maintaining control through hierarchies of power. Men control women; certain races are “God’s Chosen People” while others are mongrels. It’s mind control, plain and simple.

    I feel for women living in parts of the world where they have no say in the course of their lives. When you’re constantly pregnant or nursing a baby, you have no freedom of movement or time for yourself. Men are free to run wild and act any kind of way. “God” didn’t intend it to be that way; man did. Insecure, controlling and hypocritical men who cry about oppression while perpetuating it in their own homes in front of their sons & daughters. Shameful.