See what happens when Jamaican diver Spider puts on a GoPro video camera & cliff dives at Rick’s Cafe, Negril, Jamaica


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  • Jonte

    Now I know where my GoPro went after I lost it at Rick’s Cafe in July this year…

    • Jodi-Ann

      Are you joking or……? That’s a big accusation.

      • sushibi

        clearly a joke. holy sh!t why so srs

      • bikerchick63

        He said Lost not Stolen…geez

  • Brian

    Almost 100% sure this shit is fake….. the water he lands in is way to shallow

    • hoff_a

      It’s about 20-30 ft and it’s not fake — you can see the boat that was in the lagoon before he dives, then after from underwater.

    • Stein Carrington

      100% real, was there

    • Sean Newman’s not fake. Ive been there but havent dove into it. Rick’s Bar in Negril is famous for this dive.

      • mark white

        Not only is it not fake but you would shit if you saw the rickety thing they jump off.

    • gg

      Of course its not fake, there are people who can jump from 20-30 m and landing in 2-4 m lakes. Its all about practicing to aim up after the first 1.5 sec. If you jumping from 0-40 m height you only need 3-5 meters not more – If you are amateur, then you need to worry about the fall angle…

    • sushibi

      All i could hear was “i can’t do this, fake fake fake”

    • patrice

      Its not fake, I’m Jamaican and I have been to Rick’s Cafe and seen them do the dives and the water is not shallow, it’s at least 30 feet deep…

    • Michelle Etwaroo

      Get a passport and go there, Negril jamaica… fake…really tho? ive jumped from the lower cliff.

    • Garnetfire

      It’s not fake because I have been there and seen it. The water is not as shallow as it looks.

    • Powerman392

      Its not fake its real, the water is crystal clear and very deep. I have been there and have seeing it for my self.

  • vicky

    if he had landed on a rock now…wouldn’t be such a happy ending, its too shallow for such heights of diving.

    • Jesse

      It only looks shallow. Crystal clear water has that effect.

    • Michelle Etwaroo

      theyve been diving at this location for maybe 50 or so years. i think the experiences eliminated the depth issue.

    • Garnetfire

      Vicky have you been there and seen them dive? It’s not fake and the water is not too shallow.

  • Orville Blissett

    I have see cliff divers in Acapulco , dives from high towers , this is no comparison , try filming from the ground that would be more believable , i am waiting to see .

    • sushibi

      What you diving off?

    • Michelle Etwaroo

      what is there to believe? its a cliff.

  • Olugbenga Shaw

    The dive is real…no fake! been there seen it. but yes it does seem too shallow for that kind of diving.

  • John W

    irie man

  • Pamela Rieselman

    I’ve been there and I’ve jumped .and never touched the bottom .lol its very high and very scary. And it’s posted to jump at own risk .and very very exciting

  • Powerman392

    If you think its that shallow you are so wrong, you have to go there for your self to how deep the water is.