BBC follows two UK-based transgender men, as they reveal their new gender identity to their families in the land of their birth, Jamaica.


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  • thespin

    An abomination in the eyes of Almighty God Who destroyed the Five cities of the Plain (incl Sodom and Gomorrah) for this perversion against His natural order. Isn’t homosexual behavior a crime in JA? They should be arrested and tried.

    • gameformetoo

      talk di ting! no batty man ting inna JA

      • James John Gilbey

        its a well know fact that men that despise Gay culture and exhibit homophobia tendencies are likely struggling with their own gay tendencies that they are keeping in a closet … remember when your pointing a finger , there’s three pointing back at you … another thing that should be noted , being gay and being transgender are two different things … all the hatred in the world wont change these people , they were created the way they are , maybe to see how judgmental people can be , so the haters see judgment

  • Ms Tatelicious


    • NoProphetsInThisWorldToday

      Thanks my sister. This video is so revealing. I pray other people in Zimbabwe accepts this. People needs to accept you are God’s design.
      I asked my wife how she feels about LGBTs as she is claims she is an avid Christian. She was none commital but I told her any of our kids can be the same at some point. How would you deal with it. I think people have no knowledge and incorrectly read the bible. What they call norms are just oldish views and out of touch with reality.
      I can imagine the horror of seeing any of my children being mistreated for being who they are or want to be. I swear by the graves of my parents I will seek instant justice to anyone who harms or cause discomfort to any of my children for choosing to be who they are. Society is just full of hypocrites. They honour thieves and murderers. But desist normal human being who happen to be LGBTs. That is ludicrious. Tatenda, walk head high. You are who you are, do not be discouraged by idiots, ignorumuses who should be ashamed for their lack of knowledge and stupidity of what is a person.
      I shall continue to do my bit in highlighting your issues and I believe it is everyone’s issue too that LGBTs are treated with respect and accorded all rights like any human being. You are no less person that me heterosexual. I also get offended when pple use terms like “straight” to define Heterosexual. What straight is it that you don’t respect LGBT. There is no-body who is straight or normal becose they are not LGBT. LBGTs are normal people and why distinguish them on what they are or want to be.
      Only fools call themselves Straight or Normal, becose they are fools, ignorant and stupid. I get emotional as I imagine the trauma you go through each day of your life meeting people who do not respect you or accept you as who you want to be.
      It is no different from Racist idiots who mistreat people of other races. There is no difference.
      We shall fight until we knock sense in these ignorumuses.

      • ukshasha13

        I liked the raw emotion of this video, but I could have done less with the propoganda for the gay agenda. It is hard to change the habits and cultural mores of generations, but the reaction from the families of these two transgender men shows Jamaicans not to be the rampant homophobes they are often portrayed to be.

  • Nagiha Swagers Somebody cry: ”WHY, WHY, WHY??” !!!! Live the life you love, love the life you (able to) live, Guys!!