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Folks have been waking up to the Good Morning Revolution Team…found in Jamaica prime time monthly on our homepage. Here are some of your responses.


I have to admit that When I saw the title “A job interview in Jamaica’s Bustling Hell Industry…..”, I didn’t expect the article to be about what it turned out to be about. Primarily because, as a Native Jamaican living in the US, I was curious about the job industry because I have plans to return to live out the rest of my days. I didn’t place much emphasis on the word “HELL” when I saw it in the title. However, the point I want to make is that I appreciate seeing this article and wish more people, including myself, would speak out about such unnatural, immoral happenings inna Jah-Jah Island (Jahmekya). This article touches on key aspects of why Jamaica’s economy is struggling so much and shows that slowly our Island is falling victim to European Ideology.

GARY in the USA


I cannot imagine what is going on at those Hotels just to get the almighty dollar they will stoop so low . Jamaica needs to retain the standards we teach our children. I for one am living in the United States and still turn my nose when i see homosexuals because of the culture i grew up in and will never condone it we need to oppose this practice strongly. How can the Government condone such practices are there homosexuals within their ranks who want this practice legalized. – Banner


I am in a state of shock, what please say it not so, would someone please
get to the bottom of this. This is the kind of decisions we should
expect when you put a person like pj in the leadership position of our
wonderful country. Carol Holton in USA


Expand your mind and cultivate your wisdom about
Babylon and it’s history, read into the counterculture and things will come
into sharp focus about the plans around you. I suggest you watch “Stepping
Razor: Red X” a documentary on Peter Tosh, if you didn’t catch it, check it,
or if you have watch it again. The Vampires he speaks of are real they are
all around us. Keep a watchful eye out for yourself and what you preach to
others in the place of Babylon, things are heating up and you just might
become a target, especially while the DEA be cracking down on the healing
herb. Thanks and Praises for your kind and revolutionary words, blessings…

– Ashley


Sizzla is a walking contradiction, and to compare him to Bob Marley is a
disgrace. Sizzla cannot expect to be taken seriously about a message of love and unity when at the same time him have lyrics about unloading clips. To quote
Sizzla on the Bollywood Rhythm he says “Youre a spy in my place I don’t give a
you get gunshot all up in your face”. I give Sizzla no credibility what so
ever in being a prophet, that’s not to say I don’t enjoy his music, but he needs
to make up his mind about promoting peace and love or hate and violence.

Young souljah


The People have spoken! Stay with the revolutionary news team as we continue to expand your mind in Jamaica Prime Time, People resistance in Media and economy, Toward Informing the Massive Exclusively.

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