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Author’s Message “A Rich Heritage”

The rich heritage of idioms and proverbs which we presently enjoy, is quickly sliding away. With this in mind I have decided to document as much as I can remember, in order to maintain our vibrant culture.

As a result of this desire, I present to you my first book entitled, “Mi Granny Seh Fi Tell Yu Seh.” I sincerely hope that these idioms will convey to you the nostalgia of yesteryears and wish that they will continue to maintain the subtle, but dynamic impact that it has had on us as a nation.

The grandmother in any family or village, not necessarily by blood, remains a highly respected individual whose wisdom, guidance and caring qualities is adhered to by all; hence the title: “Mi Granny Seh Fi Tell Yu Seh” is a profound statement.

Some people may find the dialect, the language of the Grandmothers, a little difficult to read; hence an English translation coupled with significant meanings and lively illustrations; which will help to resolve any difficulty you may have.

Since its publication and launch, the response to the book has been overwhelming. Many Jamaicans both locally and overseas have made numerous favorable comments and have enthusiastically requested a Second Edition! This you can expect to contain a larger collection of idioms/proverbs.

This book, I am confident will educate and entertain the whole family, old and young alike. It is with great pleasure that I present it to you. Enjoy!

Mi Granny Seh Fi Tell Yu Seh, mi nah gi yu basket fi carry wata!

About the Author

Ms. Vivienne Burnett was born in Clarendon, JAMAICA. She is essentially a rural person. In the parish of Clarendon the Creole was the given language of the rural folks and the idioms were a part of the everyday speech.

Ms. Burnett entered the civil service as a telegraph operator and left as a rehabilitation officer/administrator after decades of service to that ministry. During this period she attended the Jamaican School of Art, now known as the Edna Manley School of the Visual Arts.

Ms. Burnett went on to further her studies at the Buffalo State University where she acquired training as an Art Therapist. Since then she retired from the civil service and has been working as an Artist and an Art Therapist. Using the latter medium in rehabilitation and stimulation for the disabled and the elderly.

Vivienne has always been interested in writing but to date this book – “Mi Granny Seh Fi Tell Yu Seh” is her first publication. She is currently working on the second/revised edition of this excellent compilation.

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