Single Female in Jamaica

Just arrive back home from Montego Bay Jamaica. I arrived in Jamaica on Feb 4.2001 and had 7 breath taking days of 86 degree weather everyday the sunrise was about 5:30 am and it didn’t set until 6:30 PM the sunset changes it’s color every fifteen mins blues and yellows then it changes to bright orange ball of fire glowing from the heavens.

The resort I stayed out was breezes Doctors cave beach Montego Bay all inclusive the resort was right in the middle of the city on the beach the view from the room with balconey was a 10 it was very secure since I am a single traveler and female at that.

Some people cannot believe I am traveling alone to Jamaica. Well, I found out that the city of Montego Bay is single traveler friendly there are police on every corner willing to help you if you need assistance. They will always be someone trying to pick you up or give you a ride or sell you something but when you give them a very stern NO! they stop and go on to the next person.

You need a good instinct to go on your own Anywhere alone if you feel it is to good to be true it usually is, then that’s your clue to get out of the situation with class don’t let anyone get to close to you verbally or any other way don’t give out to much info just give a firm pleasant sorry I don’t need anything from you and keep on walking they usually give up and leave you alone.

After a couple of days walking around the city the venders just waved they didn’t really brother me. I loved the shops and haggling with the venders they all wanted to give me a good deal so that’s what’s they said. They are willing to come down about 3 to 4 dollars but anymore then that they can put up a good argument. You wont get nothing less then 10 dollars usa money they got to make a living to.

Breezes is located right down the block from the famous bar night club and swim club the Margaritaville night club its the place to visit. Breezes hurricane disco was very nice the dance floor is all windows and it over looks the city and the ocean the view is a 10 the bartenders were very nice and all gentlemen at that No PROBLEMS MON

I felt very secure the security on the resort was a 10 any problem was taken care of within minutes after you made your complaints all minor ones nothing to big some people wanted to change their rooms to get the room that I had with the better view it took a day inadavance to change but they all were very happy with it NO PROBLEM MON as the saying goes they really come through with it.. I would like to complement the circus instructor and the guest aerobics instructor that breezes had on staff they were CPR certified and they had to use it on one of the tourist they did there best and they should be acknowledge. Well, I give my overall score on my Jamaica trip an 8

Thanks for letting me tell you all about my trip.

Here are some pointers to know from a single female traveler

1) Get a past port not a birth certificate or customs will pick you at randomed thy say to question you they don’t like single female travelers they interrogated me because they couldn’t believe I was a single female traveling to Jamaica alone it was very embarrassing I just answered all the questions they ask me very pleasantly and then they let me go I had nothing to hide I guest they were doing their job oh and the custom agent he was very, very attractive it helped a lot always

2)Bring lots of American money because the Jamaica money machines only give out Jamaican money it can be a hassle trying to figure out the money 40.00 to 1.00 us. 3)always trust your instinct never get into a situation you cant get out of and never leave the resort that your staying at, at night alone. You are just looking for trouble and believe me it will find YOU!!!!!