You want to Be A Singer?

Do you have what it takes? Yolanda Wyns is definitely someone who has ‘it’, and after twenty years of performing she has developed a rather unique program to help many up and coming entertainers develop ‘it’.

A lifetime of music and singing praises with a combination of love and a dynamic voice, best describes Yolanda Wyns. She began voice and piano lessons at the age of eight, and continued her studies at the High School of Music and Art before earning her Bachelor Degree in vocal performance at the Manhattan School of Music.

Over the years, Yolanda has performed with many respected R&B singers such as Patti Labelle, Freddie Jackson, Angie Stone, Natalie Cole to name a few. She has performed as a background vocalist and a featured artist, appearing on such Television shows as Jay Leno, Arsenio Hall, and Soul Train.

Throughout her impressive career, Yolanda “rose in the ranks” at Christ United Church, and has recently been ordained and installed as Resident Preacher. Two years ago Yolanda recorded her first live praise and worship album.

Featured Performances include “Sing About Love,” Symphony Space Statue of Liberty Bicentennial, Giant Stadium (A tribute to Nat King Cole), Avery Fisher Hall “We are the world” Benefit w/ Marlon Jackson and Kim Karnes.

With a healthy music career, including composing and producing as well as her obvious singing talent, Yolanda realized that others coming into the industry needed a little guidance and insight with respect to the development of their careers. With that in mind, she held her first One Day Workshop: The Ultimate Seminar for the Background Singer in June 2003, and it was a resounding success! The Seminar’s success was such that Yolanda re-developed and expanded the program for the next session, September 25th at Sir Studios, 310 52nd Street at 8th Avenue, NYC. Experts in supporting background artists from the worlds of music, medicine, law, and finance will join Yolanda Wyns in presenting this exciting workshop.

This Workshop is For You… IF

You want to break into the music business — and get work as a background vocalist.
You are already in the music business, but want more work with major artists.
You want to dramatically increase your income as a background vocalist.
You want to strengthen your skills and vocal technique.
You want to work with musicians and vocalists that are more talented
You want to learn more about the business of music, and advance your career.
You have considered moving from the background and becoming the featured artist.

What You Will Learn:

Morning Session : Vocal Clinic

Powerful techniques to dramatically improve your vocal performance.
What you need to know about breathing and being your best.
Tips to quickly learn or improve your sight-reading.
The best and the worst vocal exercises.
How to “hear” your way to better performances.
How to take care of your voice and overcome health challenges.
How to develop and maintain a powerful stage presence.

Afternoon Session: Business Of Music

How to take care of your business and avoid being taken advantage of.
The “real” pros and cons of unions.
Contract and legal basics every singer should know.
How to market yourself.
Going rates, per diems, and what you should negotiate for.
How to make more money each year and avoid the hidden costs of the business.
How to get better gigs, manage, and grow your career like a business.

This is an incredible opportunity to not only learn the intricacies of establishing yourself in such an exciting career from a business standpoint, but how to make your talent work for you. For more information visit