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Jamaicans Attitude to Afro-Americans

I have been here in the USA permanently for four years and while that is a relatively short time I have come in close contacts with a number of African Americans and remain in contact with my fellow Jamaicans. What I have realized from going between both communities is this belief that my fellow Jamaicans hold that, most African Americans are lazy, unambitious and therefore deserve whatever negative attitude they may receive from a majority class. I won’t go into the old colonial belief that most of us, even my generation actually still belief that white is definitely better than black. I believe that it is an unfair belief that we hold of these people whose country we have decided to move into and who we have placed ourselves with to fight for that one bread that will be given to the black community. We must be reminded that blacks in America aren’t separated in African American and non African American. We are all viewed as black and we should stop stereotyping our American brothers and sisters. Remember we are of the little nation that gave the world Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley and they didn’t believe that we were a separate group. We seem to forget how the Chinese and Indians when they come to our country label us with negative labels of lazy and dishonest etc. I won’t go into too many details because I don’t know if this is a welcome topic in this community but its a wrong attitude and we need to get rid of it. Facts Jamaicans, first generation Americans of Jamaican parentage and of other Caribbean countries are on welfare as well, they are committing crimes as well and just as other African Americans are graduating from colleges as well. When we commit a crime for immigration purpose its place in the Jamaican category but for other purposes its just black or African American. Point is that we are viewed as one and should therefore live as one we are all the same. The same things they do, we do too in our own country and remember the drive we pick up here, we don’t have at home because we feel dejected, the Chinese and the Indians have the drive and they succeed in our own country, this may make us seem lazy but we know we aren’t. Its the same here we’re new and we may be willing to go the extra mile because we know in the end we have our own country. Point is we have no right to think we are better than these people, we are all black people.

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