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This week we have a conversation with Jamaican Formula Race Car driver, Jason Bedasse. He inspires to be the first Jamaican to race in the Indy 500 by 2017. Currently the only Jamaican and black driver on the Indy tour Jason Bedasse is making history every time he steps on the track.

Q: Tell us about yourself? Where in Jamaica are you from?
I am 39 years old and I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Toronto Canada  but recently moved to Atlanta Georgia to start a private equity boutique / family office with my cousin, Dr. David Panton.  Prior to becoming a partner at Panton Capital Holdings LLC I was an investment banker/ trader for over a decade working on both Wall Street and Bay Street, taking companies public on the major stock exchange. You can say, I like deals.

Q: How did you become interested in Formula Racing?
While working on a deal 20 months ago I noticed some beautiful pictures of formula race cars on the wall of my clients office.  It sparked a conversation about my love of sports cars (I’ve owned four lamborghinis in the past) and how I wished I could have been a real race car driver. Faith would have it, the gentlemen in the business meeting were both ex Indy Car drivers and offered me an opportunity to test drive a real formula car!  

At 6’4″ and 230 lbs the first obstacle was getting into the race car. They had to remove the seat for me to fit. But after 3 hours of fitting we made it work. I went around the track a few laps and started to catch my rhythm. When I came into the pit they told me I had very decent times and if I lost 20 lbs I could compete at the F1600 level. So I did.

Q: How did the F1600 level competition work out?
I came in second in points for that league and then got a chance to enter the road to Indy at the pro Mazda level. In 2014 I became the first Jamaican ever to drive in the Indy and was the only black in Indy.

Q: What is your goal now?
I’m now seeking sponsorship for the indy lights season and hope to be the first Jamaican and first black in the Indy 500 by 2017.

Q: How are you fund this effort?
I’m raising money and awareness through selling my groovy T shirts online in my website . Should be ready to launch t shirt campaign this week.

Q: Any final words?
One love on speed   

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