5 Reasons Jamaican Country People Are The Best

3. Country people are good Peeping Toms

Jamaican Country People Are Best Peeping Toms

Jamaican Country People Are the Best Peeping Toms

Country people will watch your business day and night but they will also look out for you. With or without your approval, they consider it their duty to keep watch over the neighbourhood. They can tell you who came to your house when you’re not there and if your spouse or children is up to any hanky panky.

4. Country people always have food available

Country people will never let a visitor leave their house hungry. There is always a little extra dumpling in the pot and a leftover chicken leg. They will feed you until stuffed and then give you a little something to take with you on the road.

5. Country people have manners

People in rural areas are known to be more polite and much more docile than town people. They take pride in displaying manners especially when addressing the elderly and people in leadership positions.

This is not to say that town people are the worse. After all, many of them are simply country people who have relocated. What cannot be denied is that rural folk are undoubtedly more laid back and most are the types of neighbourly people you would want to live around.

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