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Abundance of Laughs at Comedy Chaos – Jamaican Comedians Shine in South Florida

Advertised as an evening of “non-stop laughter” Comedy Chaos did not disappoint patrons who showed up at the at the Holy Family Episcopal Church Auditorium in Miami Gardens and Coral Springs High School Auditorium recently in South Florida.

The show featured some of Jamaica’s finest comedians such as the very funny and lively Chris ‘Johnny’ Daley, the amusing Pretty Boy Flloyd, Hilarious Granny and the comedic duo of Sammy Question & Spicy Vicey as MC’s. The comedians brought riveting and contemporary topics in their arsenal with a sprinkle of throwbacks to the “foreign” audience for a touch of nostalgia.

Pretty Boy Flloyd was perfect as the opening act engaging the mostly Jamaican audience with his relatable jokes fused with his natural easy delivery. Many in the audience could relate when he proclaimed his love for Jamaica and shared his experience standing in the U.S. Embassy line seeking a visa. For over 30 minutes, Flloyd had the audience in stitches delivering joke after joke, he did not disappoint.

The Hilarious Granny made a grand appearance miming to the popular hit song “Thinking Out Loud” also known as “Loving You” by Ed Sheeran; it was pandemonium. The big breasted, big buttocks costumed caricature had the room in an uproar as she demonstrated the latest dance moves to a series of hit songs. Granny came with hilarious vengeance presenting a physical type of humor which had the crowd going wild. Hilarious Granny put the icing on the cake when she sauntered into the audience, interacted with individuals and pulled off a patron’s wig, the audience went hysterical with laughter and excitement.

After a brief intermission Chris ‘Johnny’ Daley came on the stage and claimed it as his own backyard. Daley immediately had the audience dying of laughter in no time. He roasted on his coming to fame journey as a young Television Star riding the bus and being embarrassed by a bus conductor who told him he was a “star” and should not be taking the bus. Johnny also gave the gentlemen and ladies present some tips on how to spice up their romance in the bedroom. We definitely won’t be seeing anymore ‘holey briefs’ in the bedroom at nights.

Comedy Chaos delivered quality engaging entertainment, laughter and fun. The positive reaction of the crowd after the show and the strength of the performers is a strong testament to the future of Jamaican standup comedy as a viable entertainment option. A job well done to the performers, the Riddims Marketing and Fun & laughter Productions team for the show. Comedy Chaos was sponsored by Jamaica National Money Services, the National Weekly and the Amazing Sour Sop. Gate prize was provided by Blossom Levy of the American Motor Club.

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