Anyone here into modern ska?

my boyfriend is really into ska, so i want to surpise him and learn how to modern skank. how is it done? step by step.



  1. im serious
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    first things first... dont use the word "modern" when talking about present day ska say "3rd wave ska" when talking about 80s ska say "two tone ska" when talking about old original ska say "traditional ska" please promise me youll get schooled before you talk about ska and skanking ... you need to understand there are mean ugly big and bad rudeboys and rudegirls that will SHUT YOU DOWN if your talking about ska and dunno the facts... google ska... there are plenty of sites to teach you what you need to know... learn about skinheads and mods as well as rudies, mods and skins share the same "scene" now run along now... start reading and once you know it all and wear the right clothes and know how to skank and got the perfect bob with bangs hairdo.. you have the right to be a big and bad rudegirl
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