Bob Marley’s House in Jamaica?

What’s the compound like? Do you NEED a whole day there? and what is the ganja situtation like (ie cost and quantity)? and is everyone smoking there? do they ask you to do it too?



  1. MO
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    His house in Nine Miles or his house in Kingston? I've been to both and I like to hang around for a while. In Nine Miles, my son played soccer for hours with the kids that live nearby and I had some smoke and Guinness. His birthplace is in a rural area and you can easily spend all day in the community once leaving his house. At his home in Kingston, we spent only a few hours, but if your going to travel to Kingston from another part of the country, you should make a day of it and see some other places like Tuff Gong Studios, National Heros Park ect.....
  2. Novaro T
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    The compound is ok u don’t need a whole day there and the ganja is cheap they smoke sometimes and no

  3. Shayna xo
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    You don’t need a whole day there, the weed is plentiful and not costly, alot of ppl are smoking it there, and they dont neccesarily ask you if you want to.

  4. Faith G
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    Bob Marley grew up in Trench Town and Nine Miles, family home in Jack(s) Hill.

  5. traveler
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    If you do the Kingston house, 2 hours is more than enough time. Why worry about the cost of ganja–if you are going to do it (which I advise against) it’s cheaper then any place you have been before provided you don’t get busted. It’s not uncommon to see people smoking, especially in the rural areas and the cliff side of Negril. If they are passing a toke around you don’t have to partake, just pass it on. If you deside to purchase ganja, be careful of who you get it from. People will sell it to you and then turn around and report you to the police–that way they get paid twice.

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