Does anyone else find the modern music all perverted?

Rappers are singing about the most perverted things and degrading us to sex addicts (which we kinda are) but I don’t think it’s right! Does anyone agree?
People who are saying I need to listen to other types of music are being mislead….I listen to just about every type of music under the sun except for rap! I’m just asking if anyone else feels the same way….


  1. illustratedman7
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    I totally agree. The boldness of rappers and some rock singers is not an overnight occurrence, but a behavior that has resulted from the slow and steady trend of songwriters pushing their limit on being as crass and crude as they can without being censored. Today, you may even find a profane word or two on a public radio songs that go under the radar of the FCC. I have even heard the word sh*t on the PBS station plain and uncensored. One thing is for sure, though: vulgarity will not go away from the radiowaves unless the public speaks out against it. As long as you have a majority finding pleasure in hearing it, you know that it will stay around for quite some time. In the music industry, it does not matter if the music is vulgar, as long as it sells.
  2. Jordan. ™
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    I agree.
    Which is why I don’t listen to rap….

  3. Pancakes
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    Why else would someone like me who was raised on Led Zeppelin and Van Halen now listen to country?

  4. magic
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    i think we got a free thinker quick drug her

  5. kenster1025
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    Stone Temple Pilots were more preverted then that. I wish Scott Weilland didn’t join Velvet Revolver I wish STP never broke up.

  6. Jessica R
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    yes then they wonder why society’s so screwed up and little kids start lying on their backs

  7. blossom
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    yea thats all they seem 2 sing about i aggree but i dont mind it 2 b honest

  8. **
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    Yes i agree

  9. kt_rox100
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    yeah all the videos with the chicks boobs hanging out of her bikini, yeah rap sux

  10. T-Lo
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    lol…if you really ever listened to music of the past then you would see that a LOT of that music was perverted too! Just hidden a little better

  11. confuscious
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    I love it!! Whee!! There is nothing wrong with sexuality, it is the basic urge of all living things. Why not sing about it? Not to mention that those perverted songs you speak of are really good bedroom songs if ya know what i mean. I.E. Closer by Nine Inch Nails and half of the HouSexy music.. Ooooooowhee

    p.s. Us Americans are so far behind on our sexuality, come ON people.

  12. Buster
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    I agree with you 100%….rap is not edifying at all.

  13. politicallyinept
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    I am more saddened by the fact that the quality of music has gone done in recent years–but maybe that’s just because I am an old far*!

  14. tracey p
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    I agree with you totally. Our younger people are being introduced to more sexual behaviour from this videos than they do watching evening television programs. these videos are shown all day long with no advisory ratings.

  15. ak
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    I never listen to that stuff. You are missing an entire world of great music in all the other genres. Try some Brian Culbertson or Marion Meadows. Joyce Cooling or Warren Hill. And if you want pure passion try Andrea Bocelli or Sarah Brightman. Treat yourself to some real music and leave the rap to the junior high kids and the rehab celebs.

  16. nik named mom
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    it ain’t just rap honey….

  17. macruadhi
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    Modern rap is just nasty, not perverted. If you wanted perverted go with Prince. Remember “Darling Nicky”? And there are many more of his songs, every one great!

  18. sailcat64
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    Did you hear the classic music of Paganini.

  19. rebel_gurl002
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    You’re listening to one type of music.And there are lots of other types that you’re not even giving a chance.I will agree that a lot of rap doesn’t have a good message.I can’t be a hypocrit and say I don’t like it totally though.Often I like the beat…and can’t understand what they’re saying anyways lol.

  20. Jason K
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    which is why i barely listen to rap, and quit whinin about it…if you knew anything about the music that came out during the 70’s, you wouldnt b complainin about “pervertedness”…listen to anything done by AC/DC durin the bon scott era, that would be until the “Back In Black” album, where scott had been replaced after his untimely demise in ’80

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