Ok so I have questions
1 Can you keep a treasure if you find it? (Laws from all around the world please if you know)
2 Do I need a permit or do I just do it?
3 If I find something on another person property, is it mines or theirs?
4 what if I find it in the ocean?
5 how can Ido serious treasure hunting? Do I just get a metal detector and shovel and dig or is there more?
6 are there classes I can take to enhance my learning?
7 can I make a career out of it?

Sorry for too many questions, I really love finding things just I hope I find something for real someday lol



  1. chris w
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    1. Yes and no. Some jurisdictions claim everything is theirs and a finder of treasure must declare everything they found and give it to the proper authourity. These laws are there to protect antiquities that are historically important to that jursidiction. For example the great finds in Egypt of King tut. Other finds such as coin and jewlery in the sand is a debatable topic. If I lost a wallat in the beach sand with thousands of dollars accoding to most state laws you are required to turn it in to it's rightful owner. However with pocket change lost daily it is hard to say anyone can claim a quarter is their's so here finders keepers is the law. 2. Sometimes you do sometimes you don't. Most national forests now require permits to use metal detectors and restrict where and how you can use them. Their concerns are primarly damage to the environment. Most city, county and state beaches no permit is needed for metal dectecting and in fact they like the presence as not only are they finding good things they also take out the trash like nails and bottle caps. 3. If you are on another persons property with out permission and they catch you not only is the stuff you found theirs but you could go to jail as well and have your but probed by bubba's detector. 4. Answer to question number 1 then applies 5. Yes that is a start. Research is the key to finding stuff futhur like what ever happened to all the loot the masked robbers of chupa cabra hid away etc. etc. 6. Yes some metal detecting clubs and stores selling the stuff offer outings to learn how to use your gear and of course the study of local histort is a big help. 7. No not likely, most famous explorers that have found treasures are wealthy form other business enterprize and by doing the research on their own and then finding a sponser to pay for the adventure. Luck more than anything is the rule here. On average a beach comber finds enough change to buy a coke after a long days search. So keep at it you too may get lucky!
  2. A hairy bigfoot
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    1.only if it’s on ur land or i guess like government property (for an example, finding a ring on the grass of a park).
    2. Do not need a permit just do it!
    3.if u find something on someone else’s land, it’s theirs. If u keep it, then ur stealing it and they can sue u.
    4. U can keep it from ocean (examples: pearls, diamonds, rings,etc. )
    5. Get a good quality metal detector (do some reaserch) and get a normal sized shovel, and a little mini shovel (like for gardening at lowes or Home Depot) for ease of carry and transportation.
    6. Probably but don’t know where u can look.
    7.yes u can if u find enough profits in it like: money and jewelry.
    Hope this helps!

  3. Space Cowboy
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    why do they put these questions in “Hunting”….why ? C’mon Yahoo…get your Bleep together…ok ?

  4. Squiggy
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