Which Cruise should i pick?

okay so me and my family wanted to go on a cruise. There are four of us(two adults and two kids(14 and 10) We have picked between a 10 day cruise to alaska on the Princess ship or the 7 day cruise to the Caribbean on the brand new ship, Oasis. We dont know what to pick between they two! whcih one do you think we should pick a why? THANKS AND PLZ GIVE REASONABLE ANSWERS 🙂



  1. Courtney
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    Hey! Okay, so I am going to try not to get too carried away here, but Oasis of the Seas all the way! It's the biggest ship in the ENTIRE world! There is so much to do and see, you will never have a dull moment! If you were to go on this cruise, you would be going to the Western Caribbean. This would be your itinerary: Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Labadee, Haiti; Falmouth, Jamaica; Cozumel, Mexico; Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A lot of people close to me (including my mom and her friend!) have been to these places and say they are all beautiful. Princess Cruise Line is guided towards an adult audience, while Royal Caribbean is more family oriented. They have wonderful teen and kids clubs, so the younger two will be occupied with their friends, while the adults will be in full relaxation. Currently aboard Oasis is the DreamWorks Experience, where children can meet characters from Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon. Kids can also watch these characters in their movies in 3D onboard. And don't make your final decision based on this information alone. Check out the Royal Caribbean website for all of Oasis's onboard amenities, entertainment, restaurants (there are practically 20!), and cabins (2,700 in total!). Hope I helped! Courtney
  2. J
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    well in my opinion i rather go to the caribbean because i like the heat i dnt like the cold. Also, on oasis you get to zip lining! its magnificant. also, oasis is a huge ship theres a lot of things to do on it.

  3. Be Happy :D
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    Well, I do like the Caribbean, but I have heard Alaska is amazing to see, there is nothing else like it on the world, my grandmother fell in love with it, and said it was one of the best vacations she went on.
    The Princess cruise lines are known to be excellent ships, just like a new ship, but the Oasis is also beautiful, I have been on it, it’s awesome.

    I would pick the Alaska cruise, mainly because it’s longer, so more time on vacation, you get to see a beautiful winter wonderland (there are so many places like the Caribbean, but there’s only one Alaska), and you get to go on a beautiful cruise ship, Princess is a great company.

  4. MomSezNo
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    Those are very different cruises. Which one you should choose depends on what you want to do and what kind of vacation you want.

    Alaska cruises can have lots of adventures. But Alaska cruises will fill up very fast, so would probably want to get on that pretty soon. Caribbean cruises in the summer can also fill up fast. It’s also hurricane season in the Caribbean, from June through November. There’s nothing to worry about regarding safety, because the ships easily can and do avoid storms. But you might miss some of the ports on the itinerary.

    If you’ve never cruised before, there’s a lot to know about before you try to book a cruise. Your library has books on cruising that will give you a general idea about what’s involved. You shuold also be able to find books on Alaskan ports of call and Caribbean ports of call.

    One thing to note about the Oasis is that it’s an enormous ship and there can be a lot of waiting for everything. Someone I know sailed on her last year and said is was “OK” – they didn’t care for the long lines for things. They stayed on board for two of the three ports and said it was fine then, as most passengers were ashore. If the itinerary is the same as it was last year, those aren’t the most interesting ports [St. Martin, St. Thomas and another port I don’t remember].

    Princess is supposed to be pretty good to Alaska from what I’ve read on the cruise boards. Better quality than Royal Caribbean [except for the coffee].

    Of those two, I’d do Alaska, partly because it’s ten days and partly because I haven’t been to Alaska, and partly because I’d never sail on a ship as big as the Oasis [or on Royal Caribbean].


    You might want to take a look at CruiseCritic.com. If you click on “Cruise Styles” you find info on the demographics of different ships and lines. If you click on “Reviews”, you can read “Member Reviews” from passengers who have been on those ships. If you click on “Boards” and go to “Ports of Call” you can read about activities in the different ports, which might help you decide. You might also want to check out the boards for those two cruise lines, the “First Time Cruisers” board, etc.

  5. luludoodie
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    Done both.
    Depends what you like as you have gone for 2 extremes. In July Alaska is not “cold” but obviously can be a lot cooler than Caribbean.

    Alaska gives more mind blowing variety. This was the first cruise we ever did and since then having enjoyed it so much we have done 20+ cruises to everywhere from Alaska to Antarctica.

    The really spectacular Alaska areas are further North. Don’t go on an Alaskan that does not get up to Anchorage. This also means it is preferable to start from Vancouver and go North not the other way round. Build the excitement up!

    Don’t go just for the big ship. During school holidays it will be packed and a nightmare!

    Quite frankly (for us) there is no choice. Alaska every time!

  6. Splattchat
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    Without a doubt, go on the Oasis! It’s awesome! Princess is also a nice line but you are talking coldish, greyish Alaskan air. I’d opt for the nice Caribbean blue waters after this long hard winter weather and hit those sunny islands! The Oasis is an amazing ship for both young and old. So much to do, you won’t know where to start! Take a look at these sites and decide for yourself. Good luck!

    P.S. The Allure of the Seas is the sister ship to the Oasis. They virtually are identical so you might want to consider the Allure as well. I’ve attached links to posts that talk about both ships for you to look at.

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