Who else thinks Usain Bolt is on steroids?

I mean, it is just ridiculous how he is tearing those records apart. And it doesn’t even looks like he’s doing his best! (Like the 100m final). That’s cheating…
Yeah they get tested but the tests are far from being foolproof. Is it only cheating when you get caught?
Michael Phelps is an abomination. His body is like designed for swimming. It’s a genetic advantage.


  1. 孫子兵法 [[ART of WAR]]
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    No and I think you need your medication for today.

  2. netball.dancer
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    He isn’t. But I reckon Michel Phelps is.

  3. honestdave
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    Yeah, he’s just too much faster than anyone else. He’s gotta be doping.

    You’ll see. If not steroids, then HGH or something else. No one wins that easily. Phelps didn’t blow people away like that every race. “Ben Johnson” ring a bell?

  4. LA
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    it’s god-given ability

  5. T S
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    not steriods.maybe something else..heroine or something

  6. Lawrence K
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    If Bolt is on steroids, what is Phelps on?

  7. giodee21
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    Why does someone have to be on steroids to be fast.

  8. Dmytro G
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    So he’s on steroids, huh? And how about Michael Phelps?

  9. xjennax
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    No, I don’t think he is.
    Jamaicans are known to be fast runners.

  10. Becca
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  11. Murphy
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    Roids wont help you run.
    No hes a Jamaican he gets speed from running away from the DEA out of his pot field.

    Just face it.
    He’s a beast.

    They test people.

  12. Sleepless
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    stop hatin. olympians get tested for that stuff

  13. 3cximhlc
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    Innocent until proven guilty.

  14. MamaGlue
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    i think the power of the fist is more powerful then steriods because if you eat a pound of meowmix aday you can live longer!

  15. =)
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    not me. they are tested beforehand for drugs.

  16. Adam Bomb™
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    Oh okay so you think every good athlete is Doping? So Michael Phelps is doping too?

  17. psychologist_4u
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    I doubt it, steroids ‘bulk’ you up, the guy is wiry , almost skinny compared to the American next to him !

  18. Memster
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    None of them are because they have to be tested for that before competing in the olympics.

  19. Yoda
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    Every gold medalist is tested soon after they win the medal. That’s how they found the Russian woman athlete from track and field in Athens 2004 was doping soon after she won the gold, although I forget which event. I’m guessing Bolt has already been tested and been found clean.

  20. Johns L
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    i was told that he was on yams

  21. ?
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    umm no

    i felt so srry for asafa

    juss the lok on his face made me change the channel

    but although he won the gold

    i don think he would achieve it by doing the easy way

    i mean the pressure to use steriods is too daunting

    plus winning the gold the right way with hard work feels more glorious

    than winning it and then living with the guilt

    i think he deserved it

  22. macca3477
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    No he is just talented and FAST. They do drug testing and later on some do get found out that hadn’t previously. Eg Marion Jones. You can not assume that someone is guilty just because they are good. Cheating is cheating even if you don’t get caught, it is just that others don’t know about it.

  23. Raiders fan
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    Someone breaks a WR and everyone assumes they are on drugs…I don’t hear of many Jamaican drug cheats, they are usually Americans.

  24. Elite3
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    Umm no hes not on steroids, papers show that he has been tested 11 times in tha past 6 months and passed them all. If your gonna question his talent then as others have said, question phelps

  25. Bob
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    If you think Usain Bolt is on steroids then you should think Michael Phelps is on steroids too.

  26. jj s
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    All the Jamacians are on them. That’s why they are suddenly doing so well. USA has a lot of good sprinters, but they’ve always been good. It’s not a new phenom.

  27. kmgfrostfell
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    If he is using any performance enhancing drug, it must be some top class invisible one cause Jamaicans are specifically targeted for testing. Before and after Bolt’s super run. I don’t think Jamaican can afford this kind of drug.

    If the logic is when someone is doing a lot better than others, he is doping, then Michel Phelps
    is the number 1 suspect. So no, Bolt is clean.

  28. smarties28
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    I think he is cheating. A human cant run that fast naturally without taking some sort of performance enhancing drug. Winning is everything to these athletes so they would have developed a way of fooling the olympic officials drug tests.

  29. kerona_sibblies
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    ok, sore loser lets hope he gets away with doping forever, muwhahahaha, we not growing all that ganja for nothing you know?

  30. Ferret Likes Cakes
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    NO, he just trains hard and has learnt to use his height and leg length (stride length) to maximum effect. Is your bitching due to you being American and a) your sprinters are dope heads – Carl Lewis, Tim Montgomery, Marion Jones etc., or b) because you’re American and cannot accept the fact that somebody from another country can be better than you or c) Both.

  31. Dr. Illegals Man Crush
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    Check out the whiny crybabies “assuming’ your American.

    Freaking pathetic immature foreigners make me laugh.

  32. Alice
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    Well if you say Michael Phelps has the ideal body for swimming, then maybe Bolt has the ideal body for running! There is always the possibility of steroids, but can’t you just be happy for the person who wins and not immediatly start accusing them of cheating?

  33. Momochi Zabuza
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    Yo Dr. Illegals Man Crush, it looks like the only one whining is the person yelling Steroids! Why are you going around assuming everybody is foreigners if they are defending non American athletes? I guess you aren’t a Real American if you don’t back up American Athletes 110% and talk down on every other athlete that beats an American athlete. True sign of an Ignorant, Sore Loser, Cry Baby. Your profile picture suits you well.

    And to answer your question, innocent until proven guilty. You say Phelps is build for swimming? Why isn’t Bolt built for running? Does Michael Johnson look like he was more built for running? Michael Johnson can’t be doping because he’s American huh? But Usain Bolt is cheating for winning so hard? Stop crying and give credit where credit is due.

  34. Eric S
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    I am suspicious. Not because I am an American and am jealous, but because I am a runner and I see his times.

    Last year, he ran the 200 in 19.91 and finished second to Tyson Gay at the World Championships. He started running the 100 just last year and didn’t even break 10 seconds until earlier this year.

    But, within a relatively short period of time, he has dropped his times to 9.69 in the 100 and 19.30 in the 200. Those are HUGE jumps in those events. I am always suspicious of those who make these type of sudden jumps in time. It typically takes years to shave off times like this.

    Phelps is not comparable because he has been steadily progressing and dominant from the time he started swimming.

  35. ...................
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    hes not all that big, i think hes legal

  36. Alex
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    Completely agree with the last commenter and what u say about Phelps and how his body is made for swimming well that applies for jamaicans such as Bolt who are built for running. Did you put this question in for some sort of controversey or something or to get a lot of answers? Or maybe its just because your American.

  37. Kurt Steinberg
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    Yes, I don’t think there’s any doubt he’s on steroids. I am certain that news will break that he has failed a drug test within the next year or two. No way is he clean!

  38. vincent
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    you shouldn’t have asked this stupid question…
    sorry to say that…
    when someone failed to win the sprint gold medal in the 100m and usain bolt won it, you think that bolt is on steroids…
    but when michael phelps won 8 gold medals surpassing spitz’s record, you wrote that he deserved it…
    why aren’t you saying that he take drugs too? isn’t that ridiculous?
    anyway, both of them are great…i believe that they are clear of drugs…
    just respect him…

  39. ALDO D
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    considering Bolt lowered his personal best by 1/2 second in the 200 meter in the past 6 months it would be hard to believe he is not on
    steroids. 75% of the runners who lined up for the 100 meter race in athens were considered to be on steroids. Either you run on steroids with your competition or you start 3 feet behind them. unfortunate but true

  40. Patch
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    The real question is, who else thinks he has no class? Ever heard of respect and dignity? How about being a little gracious? The Olympics is about representing your country, not “look at me everybody, look how great I am.” Even before the race started when he was all concerned about putting on a show and making sure he was the center of attention – come on, quit being a punk!!! Great runner, immature personality and complete lack of class.

  41. kt
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    U peple r bias. Y do u think that Bolt is on Steroids and Phelps is not. I dont think Phelps is on it. Bolt is not ont it. He and the other Jamaican athlethes has been running from they were kids. Just because were are Jamicans u US people r criticizing us. Look how many of ur peole r on steroids. u people r just jealous because the steroids is not working out 4 u US people. u US people were also crticizing China of cheating, saying that their gymnists r very young and u people r the biggest cheaters in sports. Look at Gayle Divas and marian jones. Leave us Jamicans alone.

  42. therealword007
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    As someone who was an athlete and has followed track and field since the days of Edwin Moses…it is quite possible that the whole JA team is on drugs..but it is only a crime when you are caught..

    it should be noted that Jamaica has a long history of world class athletes and runners…e.g.Milt Ottey, Merlene Ottey (tried to extend her career by using steroids in latter days), Ben Johnson (caught using roids banned for life) it should be noted no one even got close to his time for 15 years, Donovan Bailey and now Veronica Campbell-Brown100m, Sherika Williams 400m, Shelley Ann Fraser 100m, Kerron Stewart 100m & 200m, Usain Bolt 100m, 200m 4X100m and that female hurdler who just broke the Olympic record Melaine Walker…the last 6 of which, all happen to be on this year’s team…Hmmmmmm

    It has been my experience that world class athletes generally speaking, of course, rarely ever are heads and shoulders above their competitors, by such margins…USA sprinter Florence Joyner’s record in the 100m is so outrageously fast (i.e. 10.49) NO woman even Marian Jones USA’s darling of the 100m and 200m (now in jail for lying about her own roid use) has ever got even close to breaking it…Flo Jo died at 41 or so of “natural causes” think about it…

    In the end we are all innocent till proven guilty and there have been a heck of a lot of guilties since Big Ben..they cheat in baseball, where you don’t even have to be an athlete…why wouldn’t they cheat in the biggest global athletic event???

  43. Bill C
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    We are going way beyond the world of synthetic/extracted steroids or even blood doping. That’s 1970’s technology which was in trials back in the early 1960’s


    Welcome to the world of virus/gene/stem cell enhancement. These have been in clinical trials since about 1991. If you think that what you are seeing by the likes of Bolt, Phelps, or the retired Armstrong is real well . . . it is. They are super athletes who are supremely dedicated who have great DNA from their parents, along with some viral or stem cell concoction, giving them a huge advantage. This type of enhancement will never be detectable. We still cannot find the AIDS virus itself only its anti-bodies. This type of enhancement completely blends in to you own DNA and appears like it was there since birth. Also viruses alter every generation so the anti-bodies will be different every time. AIDS shows up because it leaves a trial of alteration. There are also some undetectable strains of AIDS which do far less damage. We still do not know if undetectable means non infectious.

    Of course, there could be side effects as the body ages and drastically changes, especially when some of these athletes start dying from illnesses, quite often at an early age. However, you might read about it 10 or 20 years later on the last page of the sports section and most people will not put two and two together, or by that time who even cares two cents since the ‘glory’ moment was decades ago.

  44. victor conte
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    Victor Conte whos company BALCO provided drugs to marion jones and others says it is impossible to run 9.8 day after day without illegal help, since the jones scandal, he guesses that drug use is down in sport, but still thinks performance enhancers are being used by at least 60% of athletes.

    Its a no brainer that Bolt is on performance enhancing drugs, and the testers are probably complicit in the coverup, as they were in the past.

    Marion jones never failed a test!!!!

  45. Rick :
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    I think a person would have to be naive to think that there isnt the possibility that bolt is using performance enhancing drugs. Someone said that steroids dont make you run fast, thats not why athletes take them. They take them to aid in recovery after physical exertion. Steroids help your muscles recover faster, therefore allowing you to perform better on shorter rest. These athletes run alot of qualifying races. Taking steroids would help them recover faster than their competitors, givig them an advatage. HGH on the other hand would allow them to increase muscle mass which would be an advatage in any athletic event.

    As far as some of you people saying that Bolt couldnt be doping because these athletes are tested, all I have to say to that is Marion Jones. She was considered a natural, she continually beat her competition with ease and she was tested alot. Where is Marion Jones now? In a Federal Prison serving time for lying to federal investigators about her steroid use, and she has been stripped of all of her Olympic Medals. Let me remind you, she never tested positive after any of her Olympic events, yet she has admitted to Doping.

  46. Jamerican
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    No its the Yam
    Hes not on sterioids
    stop hating

  47. Brent
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    Stop using Michael Phelps as an example. Phelps wasn’t the only swimmer to set world records.


    And the reason so many records were set was because of the new pool design.


  48. routeguy1971
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    No question; of course he is. Unfortunately no one on NBC has the balls to state that obvious fact!

  49. KDT-KID
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    If i was usain bolt, id take being accused of using steroids as a compliment….

    Cause the haters are basically saying that he is so damn fast he must be cheating…
    so if he knows he’s clean he should be flatterd

  50. SpeedyB
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    I do admit that the way he cruised to the finish line of the 100m final is suspicious. Although he has not [yet] been proven guilty of doping, many times they will find these things years later when they realized that there are performance-enhancing drugs that have not yet been brought forth as illegal. That is actually quite possible, that he is taking something that has not been classified, but does improve performance.

    On the other hand, he has incredible speed and his height brings an amazing stride length. Being both advantaged in speed and stride length, what he has done is possible for him.

    But, I will not say that I am 100% positive that he did it on his own. I think there is some wiggle room when it comes to performance-enhancing supplements, and many athletes have discovered this wiggle room.

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