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Being One: High school, the next frontier. Volume 1 : Jamaican Book Review

About the book
On Wednesday, September 4th, 1996, it is the first day of high school for Timberly, Barry, Stefania, Zaurah and Latrice in New York City. All come from various backgrounds that includes the regions of the Caribbean, Italy and the North Southern region of America that would add into the melting pot of their school. Yet, who said it would be easy? Stereotypes and prejudices arise even in one’s family: Zaurah as a Rastafarian can attest to this. It may not be depicted now, but this book is the beginning of a Christian series. Under God’s eyes, we are all one blood. .

Book Reviews

Tami Brady- TCM reviews – High school. Everything seems to change once you walk though those doors. People suddenly notice that you are different. Dear friends have falling outs and go their separate ways. Everyone is trying to figure out who they are, where they came from, and who they want to be. It’s an amazing time but it is also filled with chaos and confusion.

Being One explores the lives of a group of teenagers as they enter high school. These individuals explore a myriad of topics ranging from friendship and family through spirituality and cultural values to the daily school grind and their futures.

There were several things that I thought make this book stand out from other coming of age stories. Firstly, the text is primarily narrative. Thus, the stories of these young people are told by them in their own words, one teen to another. Unlike some narratives, I didn’t find the text slow or bogged down with unwieldy conversations. The realistic feeling conversations flowed quite well.

Reviewed by Shannon Bailes for Reader Views (1/07) – This is a wonderful story about teenagers and the complicated lives they live in these times. It covers, not just being a teenager, but all that life has to throw at them, including differences in race and ethnic backgrounds,

The author does a great job intertwining the home life and the school life of each of the students. All the students are beginning high school. Slowly, but surely, these students begin to learn about each other and the things that set them apart from each other–they learn that this is not necessarily a bad thing, just that everyone is different in their own way, differences that are dictated in part by their ethnic heritage.

I had some difficulty getting into this book. There are many characters intertwined throughout this story, all interesting, to say the least, but a bit overwhelming at times to bring all together. Each character is explored and fleshed out very well to enable the reader can understand and “get inside” the mind of the character.

About the Author:
As a youngster and daughter of Jamaican immigrants, Isabis always enjoyed writing and the arts and wants to continue to make her work to reflect a piece of her culture. The name Isabis intentionally describes the content of the series, which is something beautiful. Moreover, the pseudonym is used to describe the process of being used as a vessel through writing and illustrating. It is Isabis’s best intention to serve those in need and to extol God as a result through her talents.

Isabis is currently pursuing her Master’s of Arts degree in Counselor Education. She received her bachelor’s in Psychology and Art at Rutgers University. She currently lives in Central Jersey and would like to move back to New York City,when she is finished with her education.

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