Book Review: For Better Or Curse

This book asks the question: Do curses have power outside of us, or do they only have the power we give them?
When her fiancé mysteriously abandons her the night before their wedding, Manda Love learns it may be the result of a curse that came about before she was even born.  It all began when Manda’s mother was a young woman living in the West Indies, and she came under the wrath of a powerful Obeah woman.  The woman put a curse on her, declaring that she would have two daughters – the one in her belly would chase riches and die before she reaches age 35; while the second daughter will live a miserable life, then die alone.  Manda’s parents moved away to England, where she and her sister, Sierra, were born.  

Now Manda is 33 and Sierra’s 35th birthday is fast approaching, and their lives seem to be playing out according to the curse.  Manda leaves London and goes to New York City where Sierra lives, on a mission to save them both from the curse that is supposed to end her sister’s life before her birthday.  She soon finds herself caught between battling her own demons and the ever-increasing threats to her sister’s life.  But will she be able to stop the dark destiny in time that threatens to destroy them both?


For Better or Curse, a great read! – By Muriel Hart
How powerful is the power of suggestion? Alexis Jacobs explores this question in her latest book and she makes it fun and exciting. The author has a true feel for life in Manhattan, especially for one who has not grown up here and still gets a kick out of all the city has to offer. This book is romantic, suspenseful, spooky and fun.

A Fun Read That Is Hard To Stop – By Michael Brenner
This story has charm with Caribbean mystic, suspense about undoing a curse and lovable characters who become important to you as you read the story. Have a good time reading it

Entertaining By Pat Rosenberg
Very entertaining and amusing novel. I enjoyed it and recommend it as light hearted read

Lovely, Light-Hearted, Quick Read BY Miranda Freeman
This book was a lovely, light-hearted, quick read. It had a likeable main character and the author did a very good job of giving the characters, that needed it, an air of suspicion. The author also had an interesting background from many different cultures which I think added to the unique and interesting vocabulary. Overall, I thought it was a lovely book with a great ending and a determined main-character that is determined to save her sister and will stop at no end to do so.

Alexis Jacobs is a New York City author who was born in England of Jamaican parentage, and raised mainly in Canada.  She also heads the NYC Writers Circle.

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