Can my mom take my name off the title left by my dad?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

My father died, recently, while I am living in the United Kingdom. My mother and my sisters say they are going ahead to keep my name off the new title, for the property left by my father. They are doing this because I didnt go to my father’s funeral. I really could not make it, and think they are being petty. Can you help me?


RESPONSE: Dear Shanna,

Legally you are entitled to a share in what your deceased dad left behind. Research needs to be made to see if any actions were done on their part. The research should include checks to see if any application was made to either probate a Will or for Administration. We can assist you for a fee.

If the research results are unfavorable, then you then would need to contract the services of an attorney.

Legal Wiz