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Career Survival for Women During A Recession

The current newscasts report that men are following behind women in the job market due to despondency and a sense of hopelessness, caused by the current depressive state of the economy. Even though, women seem to be excelling in the work force, they are still underpaid and usually the first to get laid off in an economic crisis.

Although the job market boasts that approximately 46% of women are currently being employed in the workforce, working in jobs ranging from Law and Medical professions to supporting roles. The economy is rapidly declining and funding is becoming  scarce. Forcing companies to downsize or file Bankruptcy. It causes the most industrious of women to turn to small business ownership and entrepreneurial pursuits.

The Life of an Entrepreneur can be a transforming experience. Yet, there are times when the  Entrepreneurial Life is filled with incredible highs and lows, as well as pitfalls and difficulties.

Many Entrepreneurs can attest to the ambivalence they felt regarding their list of successes and failures on the road of entrepreneurial endeavors. Sometimes the failures outweighed the successes causing tremendous frustrations and fears. However, many Entrepreneurs such as Alexander Graham Bell, Benjamin Franklin and Oprah Winfrey remained tenacious and gained notoriety and longevity through diligent efforts, research and a good support system. Thus, overcoming obstacles along the way.

Novice Entrepreneurs are finding solace and successful strategies with the help of Life Coaches and Business Strategists.

Ellie Nieves, Esq., has been working relentlessly with emerging women leaders, solo-entrepreneurs and business groups to help them attain optimum career success. She is the President and CEO of Leadership Strategies for Women, LLC. Her career achievments include being an exceptional Attorney for the Government Relations Department at Met Life Insurance Company, where she later assumed the role of Chief of Staff to the president of Met Life International. Ms. Nieves encourages her clients to flourish personally and professionally. Her coaching strategies are unique because they encourage individuals and businesses to approach Leadership holistically.


Her programs are designed to Inspire, Motivate and Challenge. She firmly believes that success is attained through defining a mission. Her lectures urge her clients to develop their leadership skills, because leading eventually aligns individuals with maximum career triumphs.

In a struggling economy, where job security is a condition of the past. Many people are embracing Entrepreneurship. Ellie Nieves helps women entrepreneurs to develop their leadership skills. Encouraging her clients to set goals, bolster effectiveness and create a personal brand. Her mantra, “Show Up, Speak Up and Step Up” are the three strategies she feels that emerging women leaders need to embrace.

In her coaching sessions, she teaches clients how to have faith at work without compromising career successes. A strategy that most employees have not learned how to master effectively.

Leadership Strategies for Women have maintained their longevity because Ms. Nieves uses her life experiences as a woman of faith, wife, stepmother and mentor to empower women.

Her Leadership Strategies and services include one on one coaching, group coaching, vision retreats, diversity strategies and social media strategies.

The reports of  a recession and impending doom and gloom doesn’t have to deter anyone’s ambition from taking them to great heights, especially if they utilize the resources that will enable them to catpault their Entrepreneurial Endeavors into a successful career or business.

Ellie Nieves, Esq. is a Women’s Leadership Speaker and Certified Life Coach. For more information, you can view her VideoBio at: or goto her website:


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