Your Cell Phone – Friend or Foe?

For many people, if not most, their cell phone is their friend. Perhaps even their best friend. It’s true, where would you be without it? You can be in constant contact nearly anywhere with friends, family and work. With the new smart phones it seems as though there is no end to what you can do. Some models have literally thousands of applications that you can download to do different things. I would like to share with you a different perspective on your cell phone. Because there is a dark side, which few people talk about. Last month the World Health Organization (WHO), after years of saying that cell phones were perfectly safe, suddenly published a report saying that they were” possibly” carcinogenic. This was no big revelation to me because I have known about the dangers of cell phone radiation for a number of years. And it’s not just about Cancer. I had a cell phone just like everybody else up until 2002. Then one day my cell phone rang, I picked it up, put it next to my ear to answer it and I started to feel a searing pain on the side of my head where I was holding the cell phone. Of course, me being me, I just tried to carry on and pretend the pain was not there. My symptoms got worse, I was suffering from constant headaches, massive fatigue, joint pains, high blood pressure, poor eyesight…… I spent two years looking for answers. I saw doctors, specialists and even faith healers. Then one day I read an article in my newspaper which described a man with exactly the same symptoms as me. From that day on I have been like a man on a mission.

Firstly my mission was to read and understand everything I could on the topic and then I began to share my knowledge and insights with others, which is what this article is about. Through my reading I learned that we are all electromagnetic beings. That our body’s functions are enabled through the transmission of small electrical currents. I learnt that cell phones use pulsed electromagnetic fields or electromagnetic radiation (EMR) to emit and receive data and that more than 2000 independent studies point to the adverse health consequences of this man-made radiation. I also learnt why we hear so little about the dangers, despite the studies and despite the outcry from certain members of the medical community, notably brain surgeons who witness the consequences of the damage that cell phones cause. I realized that the cell phone industry was working behind the scenes to ensure that their cash cow was not upset by any sort of scandal.

Should You Stop Using A Cell phone?

I did, but unless you are suffering the same or similar to symptoms as I was, I can understand you being reluctant to do so. What is important is to understand the dangers and know how to minimize them. Here are my tips to achieve that:

Cell Phone Use – What You Should Do

  1. Only use your cell phone when you really need to use it. Studies show that the adverse effects of cell phone radiation are directly related to exposure time. So use it only when you have to and keep your conversations short.
  2. Preferred text messages to speaking. The advantage of texting is that you can communicate without holding the cell phone next to your head, and the EMR levels are high only at the time the texts message is sent or received, which is momentary.
  3. If you really need to talk then speakerphone is a good option as is a wired headset. Even better is to use an air tube headset which also eliminates the effects of the radiation being transmitted through the wire to your ear.
  4. Try and only use your cell phone when the reception is good. Check the display on your phone to make sure you’ve got all the signal bars. More bars mean a better reception. That way your phone is working less hard, sending out less radiation for you to be able to speak.
  5. Check the SAR rating before buying your cell phone. San Francisco recently passed a law stating that SAR levels should be shown on the packaging, so that users are aware of the phones’ radiation levels before they buy. You can also find the SAR levels of most phones on the FCC website.


Cell Phone Use – What You Should Avoid 

  1. When making a call only put your cell phone next to your head when your correspondent has picked up the call. Conversely, when someone tries to ring you, accept the call first, then wait a few seconds before putting the phone against your ear. Radiation is highest at the beginning of a call when the phone is trying to establish a communication.
  2. Avoid using your cell phone when travelling. It is inadvisable to use a cell phone when driving for obvious reasons but using a cell phone in any moving vehicle is unwise. Whilst moving your cell phone is constantly scanning to maintain contact with the nearest cell phone tower and so radiation levels are much higher than if you were stationary.
  3. Do not sleep with your cell phone switched on. When you sleep your body recovers by releasing hormones. Studies show that this process is perturbed by the pulsed electromagnetic radiation given off by cell phones. Best practice is to not take your cell phone into your bedroom.
  4. Do not use your cell phone when you are feeling unwell. Cell phone radiation is a form of toxin. Using your cell phone when you are unwell exposes you to unnecessary toxins which can make you feel even more tired and unwell.

  Cell phones and children is another no no in my book. Studies show that cell phones do everything they do to adults to children a lot quicker. Children’s developing bodies and lower bone density in the skull area makes them particularly vulnerable to cell phone radiation. They should only be using a cellphone for voice communication in emergencies. Explain to them the dangers and encourage them to do like you, text rather than talk!

About the Author:
This is a guest article by Lloyd Burrell. Lloyd has been writing about cell phone dangers and cellphone radiation protection for several years. Electromagnetic radiation is ever more present in our environment, Lloyd recommends testing with a meter to best determine your exposure he also offers EMF meter reviews on his website.