"Canadian Customs"

Well, the plane trip going home and coming back were bad enough but wait till i finally got to Customs. Now, being away from home for the first time I tend to miss the food at home so I was bringing up some jerk chicken and some scotch bonnet peppers for a friend among other things but we don’t need totalk about the bun, the cheese, and the hardo bread. Anyway, being th egood girl that I am I wrote down that I had the chicken and the peppers which I should not have done. When the man that you’re supposed to hand your customs form saw what I had on it he sent me into a room with some other people from the flight and they went through my luggage. Now, I don’t mean a little casual search Imean a search. The opened up my coffee and took out some (I guess he was tired because bwoy, green adn brown don’t mix so I think he would have noticed something otherwise). They opened my Kola Champagnewhich I guess with the word Champagne on it is understandable ;). Then, they took my little can of cheese and my jerk seasoning and X-rayed it. For what I don’t know because the jerk seasoning so chopped up you wouldn’t have been able to find anything in there anyway. Dem even knock the heel on my shoes. By this time I was so amused ’cause I knew they weren’t finding anything that I had another little bottle of coffee so I asked the customs man if he wanted to search that one too. Finally , after being asked who had bought my ticket (I told them me but with me parents money). I was finally let go but not before my Hardo Bread was broken, my bun fingled up and my jerk chicken peered at. Don’t worry , I ate it same way. I know we’re in a war against drugs but I don’t think they’ll end it by looking in my Biology book. What do you think?

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