Congrats Yendi Phillips, 2010 Caribbean Queen of the Universe

It’s time to sing Billy Ocean’s ‘Caribbean Queen’.

If not Miss Universe 2010, Jamaican Yendi Philips is at least the Caribbean’s newest Queen of the Universe. By placing second in the Miss Universe 2010 competition held in Las Vegas, August 3rd, leaving behind Caribbean favourite LaToya Woods of Trinidad, she has indeed placed Jamaica at the apex of world attention- again. By a long shot, Phillips seemed not to be the favourite judging by predictions on You Tube alone, but in the end she was the only Caribbean national in the top 15, top 10, top 5 placing second out of 84 international beauties overall.

Jamaicans following her career path, carved by her winning personality, knew better and remained as hopeful as she was. In 2007 Phillips was crowned Miss Jamaica World. She has since been honing her skills and increasing her confidence level by becoming more interactive in public arena. By 2008, she was appointed host of the Digicel-sponsored Rising Stars contest, among other events and activities held in Jamaica, most highlighting the arts, creativity, culture of the nation.

There is little difference in the personalities of winner Mexico’s Jimena Navarrete and Jamaica’s Yendi. To some the Mexican representative’s fuller face, and slightly more perfect teeth might have been what edged Yendi out, while others just yielded to the thought of the interview and overall mannerism. Then again Spain did win the World Cup football. Take note though of Phillip’s natural winning smile that makes her stand out above all the other vying beauties.

For the crown she wore a blue gown designed by Sherri Hill. Miss World is a far more prestigious contest than the Donald TrumpED Miss Universe, but none makes us the more prouder. Yendi, like Sandra Foster (who placed sixth in Miss Universe 1989), is one culture ambassador who could have won either given the right year. All the world indeed, the Universe owes her bouts of congratulations for entering and claiming second place, especially this year 2010, seeming to be a year filled with doom for Jamaica as a nation.

Just in time to redeem negative stigma’s after bouts of challenges brought about by crime lords and too a disappointing moment by newly-appointed Ambassador Usain Bolt. Billy Ocean’s Caribbean Queen seems a good fit, as with Yendi at second place the Caribbean, it’s culture and it’s people have a new beat for the world.


WHO DO YOU THINK MAKE THE LIST OF The BEST Miss Jamaica through the years. Is it Cindy Breakspeare, Sandra Foster, Lisa Hannah or even Yendi Phillips? How many have we had, and where do you think they are now?

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