Conversation with Jamaican Based Fashion Designer, Lubica

This week we interview Jamaican fashion designer, Lubica. Originally from Slovak Republic, Lubica now resides in Kingston, where she has a small boutique store, Base Kingston & Belle.  Most recently she has formed a partnership with Tami Chynn to design a new clothing line. Here is our conversation with Lubica.

Q: Thanks for taking some time to speak to us. How did you learn about Jamaica and why did you move here?
I first visited Jamaica in 2000 and fell in love with it. Since then i been returning to Jamaica and recently officially made it my home.  

Q: How did you get into fashion?
I have always been into fashion, since i was a little girl. My grandmother was a part-time seamstress (it was more like her hobby) and she always had lots of fabrics at her house so i used to put on fashion shows for my family (i would tie the fabric around me). I also used to draw catalogues, i would draw skirts and tops and pants and priced them and made my mom order.

Even in high school friends always used to tell me i should be in fashion because of my style. I didnt listen to them and went to university for something else… hated it and two years later took few month off and fashion found me again and i gave in. I changed schools and went to Ryerson University for fashion design and  the rest is history. 🙂 

Q: When did you realize you wanted to be a fashion designer ?
I realized i was going to be a fashion designer when i was in europe (during my break from university…) and found a crochet hook and yarn and accidently made a triangle and decided it was going to be a bikini. Back in Toronto a friend saw it and wanted one, and then her friend.. and that was it.

Q: Tell us about your designs?
I design sexy/chic resort wear. I like the easy elegance of my designs. I make sure that all the designs are very comfortable and very easy to wear. You don’t have to have ‘the perfect body’ to look and feel perfect in my clothes. You can dress them up for special occasions and dress them down for daywear. I really like simplicity and fresh/clean designs and i try to keep my collections this way. 

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your designs?
I get inspiration from everything and everyone around me.

Q: Who are your top 3 fashion designers?
Its very hard to pick 3 …  but right now i would day… Diane Von Furstenberg, Rodarte, and Calvin Klein

Q: If you could have 1 celebrity call you to design a dress who would it be?
Charlize Theron 

Q: What is the best advice you can give a woman about what to wear?
I would advise women to get little ‘adventurous’ with their style and try new things. try to put your own touch to the latest fashion… with accessories, shoes etc. Fashion is such a fun thing so have fun with it. experiment with colors.. and silhouettes. Everything doesn’t have to be black , and all the dresses don’t have to be super fitted to be sexy. I think its important for women to be very honest with themselves about their bodies.. and body types and then find the perfect style for their body type and not necessarily wear something just because its “in”.   And dont over accessorize! if you wear a big necklace wear very small earrings or no earrings at all…  

Q: How to do find time designing when you also run a small boutique?
I do so many things.. i have so many passions.. i try not to waste any time. I get a lot done in my day. I often run on a well organized schedule. the only thing i havent had time to do is paint… i love painting and i have few ideas i want to paint when i finally find some time.  

Q: The movie I could watch over and over again is…
oh there are few… Frida, What dreams may come, Romeo+Juliet, Dirty Dancing, Interview with a Vampire… and so many more…

Q: My guilty pleasure is….
Chocolate!!!! and everything sweet!! i have a real sweet tooth !!! 🙂 and i love slovakian bread and all the cheeses in the world!  

Q: Thanks for the interview. Any final thoughts?
THANK YOU !!!!!!my latest collection was called TOUCAN.. you can see it on my web site and you can check out my blog for more info…