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Meaning/Description: bobing and weaving from side to side on a bike or bicycle

      1. Audio: dally

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Meaning/Description: sunglasses

      2. Audio: darkers

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Meaning/Description: that

      3. Audio: dat

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dat deh

Meaning/Description: that thing/person

      4. Audio: dat deh

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Meaning/Description: dog

      5. Audio: dawg

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Meaning/Description: daughter, used by many men to refer to a woman

      6. Audio: dawta

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Meaning/Description: the

      7. Audio: de

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ded lef

Meaning/Description: an inheritance

      8. Audio: ded lef

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ded wid laff

Meaning/Description: dying with laughter

      9. Audio: ded wid laff

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dege dege

Meaning/Description: absolutely (used to emphasize)

      10. Audio: dege dege

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