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Meaning/Description: for (a wha yuh tek dis fa? what do you believe this is?)

      1. Audio: fa/fah

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Meaning/Description: used to describe someone being feisty or fresh

      2. Audio: facety/faisty

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Meaning/Description: father

      3. Audio: fadda

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Meaning/Description: family

      4. Audio: fambly

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Meaning/Description: nosey, fast, used to describe an inquisitive person

      5. Audio: fas

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Meaning/Description: a punk or some who is an idiot

      6. Audio: fassy

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Meaning/Description: favour, similar to, close resemblance

      7. Audio: fayva

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fe real

Meaning/Description: that’s a fact, used when agreeing with someone

      8. Audio: fe real

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feel nuh way

Meaning/Description: don’t feel anyway, no worries

      9. Audio: feel nuh way

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fenke fenke

Meaning/Description: puny, frail, weak

      10. Audio: fenke fenke

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