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Meaning/Description: an immitation or fake

      1. Audio: kasko

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Meaning/Description: kettle,boiling pot

      2. Audio: kekkle

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Meaning/Description: catch

      3. Audio: ketch

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kill mi dead

Meaning/Description: a term used in the same manner one would say “I would have to die first”

      4. Audio: kill mi dead

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kiss mi neckback

Meaning/Description: a term used in disbelief. Similar to “I can’t beleive it”.

      5. Audio: kiss mi neckback

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Meaning/Description: carry

      6. Audio: kjarri

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Meaning/Description: stuff, implying a messy mishmash of stuff, junk stuff

      7. Audio: kurroaches

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Meaning/Description: care

      8. Audio: kya

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