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ma’ama man

Meaning/Description: a man who is effeminate, a man who is consider weak

      1. Audio: ma’ama man

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macka tree, maka tree

Meaning/Description: thorn tree

      2. Audio: macka tree, maka tree

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macka, maka

Meaning/Description: thorns

      3. Audio: macka, maka

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Meaning/Description: mother

      4. Audio: madda

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Meaning/Description: a derogatory term used to describe a fat person

      5. Audio: mampie

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Meaning/Description: sleeveless undershirt

      6. Audio: marina

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Meaning/Description: master

      7. Audio: mas

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Meaning/Description: a mascot, taken for a fool

      8. Audio: mascat

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mash up

Meaning/Description: to destroy, tear down, break up

      9. Audio: mash up

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Meaning/Description: mosquito

      10. Audio: maskitta

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