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Meaning/Description: impressive

      1. Audio: tallawah

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Meaning/Description: stay (a so him tan = that’s how he is)

      2. Audio: tan

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Meaning/Description: any hot drink including coffee, hot chocolate, cerasee and tea

      3. Audio: tea

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Meaning/Description: someone of no class, uncouth, a hooligan

      4. Audio: tegareg

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teh the

Meaning/Description: used to describe someone who is obsessed with something or practices an excess of something. For example a “Phone Teh teh” loves to talk on the phone.

      5. Audio: teh the

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Meaning/Description: take

      6. Audio: tek

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ticky ticky

Meaning/Description: small fish that is common in many gullies and rivers in Jamaica

      7. Audio: ticky ticky

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Meaning/Description: thing

      8. Audio: ting

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too nuff

Meaning/Description: too boastful, an inquisitive or nosy person

      9. Audio: too nuff

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Meaning/Description: to quarrel

      10. Audio: trace

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