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wa mek

Meaning/Description: how come, why

      1. Audio: wa mek

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walk bout

Meaning/Description: A person who is seen everywhere. A person who likes to go everywhere but home.

      2. Audio: walk bout

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walla walla

Meaning/Description: disorganized, dirty, muddy

      3. Audio: walla walla

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Meaning/Description: want to go

      4. Audio: wanga

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warra warra

Meaning/Description: used to avoid swear word

      5. Audio: warra warra

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Meaning/Description: water

      6. Audio: wata

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Meaning/Description: a guard

      7. Audio: watchy

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Meaning/Description: watch this

      8. Audio: watchya

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wha ah gwan

Meaning/Description: whats going on

      9. Audio: wha ah gwan

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Meaning/Description: what’s happening, what’s up,a greeting to what’s going on

      10. Audio: whappen

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