Do Jamaica

I first visited Jamaica in October 1998. I went with a group of ladies which included my three sisters. I had a wonderful time. I did not have much money to spend, because coming up with the money for the all inclusive vacation was enough for me. However, I had a wonderful time, and I did not feel that I missed out on anything. I went when the movie was fresh, “How Stella Got Her Groove”. Thus, everyone including the Jamaicans feel that you are going or there for sexual pleasures. When I am asked if I got my groove, I always reply yes. But, I have never gone to Jamaica and experienced any sexual activities. But, I get my groove back, because when I go to Jamaica I don’t have to be a wife, I don’t have to be a mother, or teacher, a hair stylist, or any of the other things that I have to be at home. I get to be me all by myself. I take the time to reflect on my life and find grattitude for the things that I have taken for granted. I can wear a sexy ou! tfit that I would not wear here just because of the responsibilities that I meantioned earlier. I love the people because they are just like me. They speak my language, they are my color and even though we are from different parts of the world, I feel that we know something about one another.

Since my first trip in 1998, I have been to Jamaica every year. Naturally, people are whispering and saying that I must have a man or something over there. But, my husband is fine with me traveling and he encourages me to ignore the people and go where I want to go. I like Jamaica for my vacation spot, and until I am tired of it, that is where I will be. I think when you visit Jamaica, that you should try to stay in at least a five star resort and go all inclusive. I think that your stay will be more comfortable and enjoyable. I feel that you have more of a choice of foods and admenities also with a five star or better. I also recommend going for a full seven days, because it! takes a minute to warm up to the environment. When you stay longer you become friends with the people that work at the resorts and sometimes you meet pals that you can keep in touch with.

I love going to Jamaica and anyone that comes into my presence will know that I love Jamaica. I am always trying to encourage somebody to come along with me. If you are planning to go to Jamaica the one thing that I think you should know is that you must just go ahead and Do Jamaica! Do the food, Do the people, Do the music, Do the beach, Do the market, Do all that there is for you to do that your heart leads you to do. On my second trip when we were riding from the airport, the driver told us, “listen people you are on vacation, don’t go to your room and sit and hide. Go out and mingle with the people. Tell them a little about you, and you learn a little about them. Enjoy yourself because don’t nobody know you and don’t nobody care” So, go ahead book your trip, and by all means.! ….. Do Jamaica!