Dressed for Jamaican Court.. but an apology… oh no!

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I went to a lower Jamaican Court straight from the airport and only to be told I cant go inside because of what I was wearing – a short skirt and good clothes outside of that. The police didnt even want me to enter the compound, but my lawyer came and brought me upstairs. There were no signs, at least I didnt see any. Can you tell me where I can find some guidelines. So the next thing I knew was my attorney was asking the Judge in the lower court if I could stay at the door and address her. That is after she apologised for my ‘short skirt.’ Isnt that just bizarre?
Clara Mae Burnett

legalwiz_shortskirt in courtAMcG

RESPONSE: Dear Clara Mae,
Guidelines on how one should be attired are usually posted on white paper and the same rules are posted throughout all court rooms. Here are some of the rules often listed.
– no short skirt
– no short pants

Legal Wiz

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