Know When To Tek Weh Yuh Self

Gentlemen let’s reason for a while and ladies pass this article on to your brother, son, cousin and yes, your man. If you are a married/attached man who is in a extramarital affair and you desire to get out but you can’t seem to get out, it is as if you are trapped, then chances are you have fallen victim to the wiles of the other woman.

The truth is, there is a particular brand of women out there who pursue married/attached men and tell themselves and their friends that “ Mi like dah guy deh and me muss get him”. Their argument is that wives today are sexually quite conservative and they (the other woman) can adequately provide the spice that these men need and cannot refuse. 

Profile of the other woman

  1. She is usually quite attractive and sexually appealing
  2. She is quite smooth in her approach and most times lead you on before she makes her move. Steamy telephone conversations and provocative email/instant messaging
  3. She usually boasts of her sexual prowess
  4. She usually makes herself available at your beck and call
  5. She will not dis your lady unless she deliberately wants to unseat her
  6. She is prepared to go much, much further than your lady is prepared to go (oral treatment)
  7. She is usually quite adventurous and will respond at  short notice to a call to go to Miami for the week-end
  8. She is usually quite spontaneous and will make it happen in the most indiscrete places
  9.  She is sometimes very demanding and would insist that you come over on Valentine’s and Christmas days- even for an hour
  10. She is most times in the high maintenance bracket – clothes, hairstyle, cell phone apartment, car etc
  11. She is very accommodating and will let you in the house at morning, noon or night
  12. She will be nice to your friends and won’t embarrass you in public 

Benefits of being the other woman

  1. No strings attached –no wifey stuff like washing, ironing and looking after kids
  2. You get to go the fun places and do the fun things
  3. You possess the power to make or break this man
  4. You get to save your money
  5. You fulfill your sexual appetite and desires
  6. You get an opportunity to play virtual wife


Downside of being the other woman

  1. It is not always easy to detach your emotions from the relationship and chances are you may fall in love with this man
  2. This relationship is most times built on sex and when the sex dies so is the relationship
  3. Wifey will always get priority attention, especially on special occasions
  4. Your reputation as a “matey” will precede you and soon your antics will be public knowledge
  5. You will suffer emotional hurt in the long run as this man will drop you and move on to the other young chick that comes along
  6. When you are ready for a stable relationship you may have difficulty as you have not developed the capacity to love someone completely


So Mr. Mention the other woman knows your weakness and has capitalized on it.


    • She knows that you are a visually stimulated being and so appears before you in what she knows will appeal to you
    • She knows that the lady at home may not be willing to go the extra mile and so she presents a package of sexual excitement that will have you going back for more.
    • She knows that you need to have your ego stroked ,so she will big you up and even fake orgasm just to make you feel good
    • She knows that you will do well with some variety and spice in your relationship and so she  makes you an offer you can’t refuse
    • She knows that if she plays her cards right she can have you eating out of her hand and elsewhere
    • She knows that you will spend money on her as long as she makes you happy 

If you are in such a situation and you are on the brink of going bankrupt (as this life can be very costly) or your committed relationship is negatively affected it may be time for you to tek wey yuh self

About the writer:
Wayne A. Powell is a Relationship Counsellor. He operates an online counselling website which provides a convenient way for both client and therapist to engage with each other from home or office at a time that is expedient to them.You can email him at: [email protected]