I am Proud to be the first Jamaican to lead the Florence Nightingale Commemorative Service Procession

My Day at Westminster Abbey

This has truly been a momentous week for me. On 11th May, I led the procession of the lamp as a Florence Nightingale Scholar at The Florence Nightingale Commemorative Service at Westminster Abbey, London.

To say, I am proud, is an understatement. To say, I’m humbled, is understandable. To say, I feel like history has been made is absolutely correct (to my knowledge, I’m the first Jamaican-born nurse and scholar to lead the procession. Correct me if I’m wrong).
Revelling in the limelight does not come naturally for me. If I am honest, I rather like to be in the background as a wise advisor. However, a few years ago someone told me that I need to seize the opportunities that come my way, if not for myself, then for others who look up to me. This resonated with me and that’s why I do what I do.

I will use my voice, my presence, my life to open doors that may otherwise have been closed. I will work to ensure that my legacy is that I inspired others to dream big, while recognising that education, discipline and a humble heart can lead to success.

Ask me how to get ahead and be successful and I say consistently that the first step is to find your passion. Forget fame, forget wealth, forget glory. Find your passion and let no one stop you from being the best you know you can be. I mean, no one!

Signing off from The Abbey with some of the pictures from a week that will be cherished for years to come.❤️