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Getting to Know Jamaican...Luke Flynn

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  • Getting to Know Jamaican...Luke Flynn

    He is Errol Flynn's grandson. Don't want to hear one negative word about Errol Flynn..start your own thread fe do dat.

    First some background

    "My grandmother came out of hospital on Friday, March 21 and immediately had a Bloody Mary and a cigarette... I think she was just happy to be at home in her own surroundings," shares Luke Flynn with SO. It's a few days since his beloved grandmother, Patrice Wymore Flynn, passed at the age of 87, from pulmonary disease and his mobile rings non-stop with calls, from Jamaica to Los Angeles. There are also the requisite post-death formalities: Wymore Flynn's last request was that her remains be interred beside those of her late husband Errol at Forest Lawns Cemetery, Los Angeles.

    Perusing decades-old photos of Patrice Wymore Flynn, an actress during Hollywood's Golden Age and widow of screen legend Errol Flynn, affords their grandson Luke Flynn — himself an actor and model and only child of Patrice and Errol's deceased daughter Arnella — time to reflect. "She was a tough, resilient and elegant woman," he states. Indeed, the always regal, posture-in-check Mrs Flynn began her career in musicals, performing in Up in Central Park in 1947. She made her Broadway debut a year later in the musical Hold It! and won the Theatre World Award for "promising actress". It was her performance in the 1949 All For Love musical that would propel the Kansas-born beauty to fame. The starlet was handed a contract by Warner Bros and headed west in search of the ubiquitous better life - which she found firstly, as the parvenu to Doris Day's established Broadway star in the film musical Tea For Two and then alongside Kirk Douglas, Ronald Reagan, Randolph Scott and Danny Thomas. But it was during her second role, as the female lead in the 1950 western Rocky Mountain, that she met her future husband, the aging screen legend Errol Flynn, the film's male lead.

    In his autobiography My Wicked, Wicked Ways, Flynn describes Wymore when they met as "attractive, warm, and wholesome... she could sing, she was reserved, she had beauty and dignity [she] typified everything I am not".The couple wed in the latter part of 1950 at Monaco Town Hall in Nice, France - an event about which Errol Flynn later stated "it was wonderful to have a legitimate wedding for a change". The marriage was his third and her first.
    Like Flynn himself, Hollywood films were then in the middle of a long transition from glamour to grit, but the first few years of the couple's marriage were still illuminated by the fading lights of that passing era, when they would attend parties thrown by Marion Davies and film premieres in Beverly Hills.
    Two years after the birth of their daughter Arnella in 1953, Mrs Flynn had stopped acting altogether to raise their child and care for her husband whose career had stalled and whose health was in serious decline. "Nobody ever tried harder than Pat to make me happy," Flynn would later note in My Wicked, Wicked Ways.
    Wymore Flynn returned to acting after her husband's death in 1959, landing the role she is best known for today as Frank Sinatra's love interest Adele Elkstrom in the original 1960 film version of Ocean's Eleven. Music buffs will remember her as the imperious magazine editor Madame Quagmeyer from the 1960s television show The Monkees. The actress retired from acting for good, however, in 1970 and moved to Flynn's massive estate in Portland where she became an integral part of life in the sleepy parish.
    "We've been restoring the coconuts," shares Luke (the cattle farm once yielded an abundance of coconuts)... "I want to hold on to the 1,700-acre cattle farm, my grandmother's legacy... she was as passionate about her farm as much as the movies. My grandmother was watching Tea For Two with Doris Day when she passed — it was a movie she loved to share with family and friends over and over again."

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    Luke Flynn was born on August 21, 1975 in Jamaica as Luke Stoecker. He is an actor, known for The Name Is Rogells (Rugg-ells) (2011), The Brooke Ellison Story (2004) andWindow Theory (2005).

    Only child of model Arnella Flynn (1953-1998) and fashion photographer Karl Stoecker.

    Some accounts say he was born in New York

    Arnella FlynnArnella Roma Flynn was born Christmas day 1953 in Rome, Italy to actor Errol Flynn and his wife, actress Patrice Wymore. She spent her earliest years traversing the globe and sailing with her parents. Having settled with her mom in Hollywood, her father died shortly before her 6th birthday. At the age of 14 Arnella and her mother moved to the family estate in Jamaica, a 3,000 acre working coconut farm and cattle ranch. Having developed a fondness for the sea early in life, Arnella enjoyed water skiing and boating.

    In her late teens, Arnella moved to London and began a modeling career. While in London, she was reunited with her sister Rory who was also modeling at the time and they became quite close. She eventually moved to New York and continued modeling, she married fashion photographer Carl Stoecker and in 1976, they had a son, Luke. Arnella traveled extensively throughout her life but always longed for the tranquility of the West Indies. In 1995 she moved back to Jamaica and made it her permanent home.


    Et voila the spring is definitely here, the birds are singing and men are happily jumping into water to play with the waves Let me give you the new face of 'Oceans' Nautica new fragrance, Luke Flynn, grandson of Hollywood legend Errol Flynn! Good genes sure run in the family!

    Growing up in Jamaica, Luke lived a very free existance, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving ... Luke then moved to New York City to study acting for a few years which led to a period of modeling and traveling around the world. Throughout the years, Luke never lost his passion for sailing and lived for 4 months on a sailboat, traveling from the Florida Keys to the bahamas and down to Jamaica.

    For the past few years Luke has been working to produce his own film "In Like Flynn" based on his grandfather Errol Flynn's sailing adventure in Australia and New Guinea.

    “I came here when I was one, went to school, and stayed here until [age] 11. I’ve been on-and-off the island... between here and New York since,” he said.“I know how to plant crops by the moon... and have 400 head of cattle,” he added.
    An avid surfer, Flynn says he has sold Jamaica as a getaway spot to his friends.
    “The ones I brought here, fell in love with the country and some have bought land,” he said.

    “I’m working on a script for a movie, Jamrock, which is loosely based on growing up in Jamaica as a surfer. It’s a love story that I would like to film at the end of summer,” he said.And your vision for Portland?
    “One of my dreams is to see the education system on track... If you want to build a great country the population has to be educated,” he said.
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      The larger delight is just being somewhere that hasn’t changed. How rare these days. The storied characters of yesteryear have long left the scene (except Noel Coward, who is buried on a hillside at Firefly) but the beauty they came for remains intact and unspoiled. One day I met up with Luke Flynn, Errol’s handsome and very able 30-something grandson. He drove me up to the family’s farm and showed me his grandfather’s home, high up on a hill. Designed by the same architect responsible for Frenchman’s Cove, it’s mid-50s modern—tasteful, but now a carcass of its former grand self, ravaged by hurricanes, windows blown out, and riddled with mold and wasp nests. I noticed a door off the upstairs barroom that opened right over the pool. No stairs. Probably much used in its day. Luke’s grandmother, Patrice Flynn, had just passed away, and Luke seemed energized by the prospect of rebuilding the 2,000-acre property into an exclusive retreat along the lines of what Blackwell has done with Goldeneye.


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          Luke Flynn and his darling, Nicole 'Sky” Grey
          There may just be enough time for one last adventure before the summer's end rapidly approaches, and with any getaway, we encourage you to style away! Toss those flip-flops to the barrel and class it up. Keep it simple in elegant lines and neutral tones. It's all about honouring the original "Satorialist", Mr Errol Flynn, and his many expeditions around The Rock. Naturally, Luke Flynn and his darling, Nicole 'Sky" Grey, show us how it's done by soaking up the Vitamin D during a fashionable rendezvous around Port Antonio. It's time to give life back to fashion and who better to help us than his very own grandson?Photographed by: Luca Khouri
          Styled by: Luca Khouri
          Hair & Make-up: Nicole 'Sky' Grey
          Models: Luke Flynn & Nicole 'Sky' Grey
          Special thanks (Set Locations):


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            Jamaican Model/Actress Sky Nicole Grey covers the August issue of Triple the Focus. The beautiful Grey co-starred in gritty Jamaican film Better Mus Come and is also the muse of drenna Luna’s swimwear collection SOL.


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              This is from the archive of his official website, 10 years ago.

              Determined young actor Luke Flynn, strikingly similar in appearance to his grandfather, Hollywood great Errol Flynn, is definitely not your typical 28-year old. Breaking through with a new role in Window Theory and securing one of the coveted spots in the 2003 People Magazine's "25 Hottest Bachelors" issue, the buzz is - expect big things from Flynn.
              Originally from Jamaica, Luke grew up on his grandfather's 2,000 acre estate where he enjoyed a peaceful life with his island friends, roaming the coconut fields and reliving adventures from his grandfather's days. "I grew up with no TV, no toy stores or video games, just stories of my granddad and the remarkable characteristics we shared."
              Flynn's journey to the world of modeling and show biz began on the islands. the catalyst proved to be a chance encounter with a talent agent who encouraged him to travel to New York City. Once arrived at age 17, he discovered an exciting life as a working model. During the next few years, Flynn modeled for Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, Coach and many others.
              After finishing high school and while actively pursuing his modeling career, Flynn found his true passion to be writing and acting. It was during this period that Luke decided to move to Los Angeles to focus on building an acting reel.
              After landing a manager with Liberman Zerman Management in Los Angeles, Flynn found his first role in the feature film Window Theory, starring Jennifer O'Dell. Luke plays the character "Jeff" who is engaged to the lead's high school girlfriend.
              The Flynns have a long history in the field of acting. "My whole family has always been involved with the entertainment industry" declared Luke, who is not one to rest on his family's reputation. On that subject Flynn had this to say: "I am always tying to perfect my craft and nail a great audition".
              Flynn thinks that "acting is the best job in the world". He does not feel an obligation to carry on his grandfather's legend, but is inspired by it. His friends and relatives remind him frequently of all the great stories and performances that his grandfather gave life to. At times friends and workers on the estate feel that they see the ghost of Errol Flynn exclaiming, "their resemblance is unbelievable." Luke also exhibits similar traits with respect to his character and demeanor. Flynn on his grandfather: "I have nothing to live up to, he was a cool guy and he had a lot of fun and that's what I plan to do."
              Flynn has a couple of tricks and creative scripts up his sleeve he intends to reveal in the coming months. Inspired by the book of the same name written by Errol Flynn, Beam Ends is his next project. He plays his grandfather through the adventures of his young adult life living in New Guinea and Australia, where, thanks to his travel experiences and related reflections, he finds his future as an actor. Beam Ends is set to take place in Australia where Errol Flynn carved out the first half of his life.
              Luke has also been brainstorming ideas revolving around another family member, his uncle, who served in Vietnam as a war journalist, and as such, came to discover the real reasons behind the fighting. Set to finish both scripts this year, Luke is working hard to establish a long-term Hollywood career.
              Off set you'll find Luke playing basketball, reading and surfing. His family owns, a hip, cool website where site visitors can purchase vintage and 80's clothing. Luke also plays with photography and is known to dabble with the camera while shooting the family's vintage site during his leisure time. Motivated by a sense of social responsibility, Luke would like to eventually build a public school for the children of Jamaica. He believes the island's public school system doesn't afford all of the children access to a good education, which is something he would like to change.
              Flynn is currently busy working on several scripts and ended our interview with these thoughts: "I believe in myself as an actor and that's all the determination you need to move your way towards an Oscar someday. "Luke's philosophy for young actors, or anyone at all, is "just have fun."


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                Great to see a Black Jamaican woman landed one of the hottest Bachelors in the world according to People magazine. Well done mi sistah.

                Luke Flynn


                Age: 27

                Height: 6'3"

                Status: Never married

                Residence: His family's Jamaican estate; crashes with friends and family when he's in New York City and L.A.

                Education: Manhattan's LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts

                CV: The apple—or in this case the coconut—doesn't fall too far from the tree for the grandson of screen icon Errol Flynn, who relocated to Jamaica in 1942. "I got a little tired of all the traveling involved in modeling," says Flynn, who has appeared in ads for Tommy Hilfiger, Armani and Banana Republic. "I wanted to be more stationary and concentrate on my acting." Flynn is taking acting classes while pursuing his dream of opening a public school in Jamaica. "They don't have free education down there," Flynn says. "I want to teach the kids modern-day skills."

                What a catch: "It's like a Hallmark card," says Flynn's stepmother, Patti Stoecker, "but Luke really likes sunsets, kids, animals, family, the beach—you can't even believe a guy like this exists in this day and age."

                Dream girl: "I like easygoing people and creative people," says Flynn. "But I don't have one certain type of woman that I like. Either you click or you don't."

                WHO WAS ERROL FLYNN?

                The Australian actor (1909-59) reigned for over 25 years as Hollywood's top swashbuckler, playing dashing heroes like '35's Captain Blood (above).


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                  In like Flynn: Portland’s Flynn family to be lauded

                  THE family of Hollywood legend Errol Flynn will be honoured at the Portland Jerk Festival, scheduled for the historic Folly Ruins in Port Antonio on July 7.The actor’s grandson, Luke Flynn, will collect the award from the Jamaica Tourist Board.
                  “We want to honour the fact that they (the Flynn family) are still living in Jamaica, as they could have returned to Hollywood and be treated like royalty there,” said Kasey Bourne, chairman of 21st Century 20/20 Vision Foundation, owners of the Portland Jerk Festival brand.
                  “What Errol Flynn did was to attract Hollywood’s wealthy to Portland and brought that level of awareness to the parish,” he continued.
                  According to local lore, the Tasmania-born Flynn discovered Port Antonio by chance after being washed ashore in his yacht, Zaca, in 1946.
                  The rustic parish became an escape from the Hollywood glare which made Flynn famous. His widow, Patrice Wymore Flynn, still lives on a 2,000 acre farm she inherited after his death from a heart attack in 1959.
                  Flynn’s acting credits include The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), Captain Blood (1935), Sea Hawk (1940), Adventures of Don Juan (1948), and Istanbul (1957).
                  Luke Flynn, who bears a striking resemblance to his grandfather, said he left a good legacy for the parish.
                  “He was a champion for Portland and Jamaica. People had great things to say about him. He loved adventure, the ocean and, most of all, Jamaica,” the 37-year-old model, who has been the face for Nautica ad campaigns, told the Sunday Observer.


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                    y wood tredd pon privilege oyinbo men interest mii wen da realitee iss dat a latt aff yaawd oomen ave self hate issues dat y dem do self negation tings?
                    I have no desire to take all black people back to Africa; there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there.
                    Marcus Garvey

                    satire protected speech soo more fiyah


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                      How is snagging one of the most eligible bachelors on the planet with money, fame and pedigree self-hate? Like it or not, his family IS referred to as Hollywood royalty.

                      He grew up in Jamaica so why wouldn't he be attracted to a Black woman?


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                        Originally posted by blugiant View Post
                        y wood tredd pon privilege oyinbo men interest mii wen da realitee iss dat a latt aff yaawd oomen ave self hate issues dat y dem do self negation tings?
                        and an unsuccessful actor at that..... why use him as validation ??? last thing he did was three years ago... he has been resting... Again Eroll Flynn was a self confessed peadophi,e and slave credit him as discovering Jamaica....

                        As for money that property was mortaged up to the hilt i beleive a few years back they went to Finsca for a bail out....

                        What nonsense! How can you have a revolution without shooting people ? Lenin 26th October 1917...
                        If Christians go to heaven, I do not want to go to Heaven: Hatuey. 2/02/1512


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                          The fashion shots were from a Jamaican Observer spread:



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                            Here is what the write of "Two Jamaicas" had to say about Luke Flynn

                            Moving on, he features a dinner at Trident Villas and Trident Castle with owner Michael Lee Chin, along with Errol Flynn’s extremely handsome and charming grandson Luke, who was born on the island. As I paraphrase Luke’s statement, ‘you have not seen Jamaica until you have seen Port Antonio”, I thought, “Wow, he’s charming!” Then, I slapped myself. I had seen and heard enough.

                            But I say to Luke, YOU haven’t seen Jamaica until you see a Type C hospital scrambling for supplies, nurses, and doctors. As a nurse, I participated in a mission trip to Jamaica two months ago, along with nine other nurses, nurse practitioners, and a physician. The nurse who organizes this trip has been doing it once a year for many years. I had not really seen Jamaica until I saw hospital beds with no sheets; wrist restraints made out of old towels and sheets; and no water pitchers or urinals for patients. Hospitals with only one X-ray machine and NO ultrasound machine for expectant mothers. I asked one of the registered nurses on a medical unit, “what is it that you need the most?” She almost cried when she said, “Everything. We have nothing, you can see that”. The Matron (equivalent to our Director of Nursing) almost cried when she saw the supplies that we donated. The patients needed so much, including service. The waiting room for the emergency room was completely filled, perhaps 200 or more people, and some had been waiting over 36 hours to be seen. I can continue about the lack of basic medical care available to the citizens of Jamaica, but I am saving that for another story

                            I realize Luke was born there and his family made their home there. However, there are two Jamaicas. I just prefer the other Jamaica.



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