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    Today weíre shining the spotlight on Teri Hatcher, who played Lois Lane on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and, most recently, Susan Mayer on Desperate Housewives. Read on below to hear from Teri, learn about her experience in the kitchen, and find out her most-memorable meal, must-have kitchen tool and more. Then check back tomorrow for another one-on-one interview.

    Whatís your background in cooking?
    Teri Hatcher: I have cooked my whole life, but Ö my parents used to pay me a quarter to cook dinner for them when I was Ö an early young teenager because they both worked. And I have cooked really big sort of traditional Christmas Eve dinners for, like, 25 people or Thanksgiving. But I feel like, especially when youíre thinking about in comparison to this show or being a quote unquote chef Ö itís totally different to be able to follow a recipe than to be able to cook. So Iím definitely a really great recipe follower.

    Do you cook for yourself or your family on a regular basis?
    TH: I do.

    Whatís your favorite thing to cook?
    TH: I didnít come from a sort of cultural tradition. For me itís more just what Iíve come to like over the years: fish and meat and vegetables.

    What dish or ingredient will we never catch you eating?
    TH: I eat everything.

    What was your most-memorable meal? What, where, who? Details, please!
    TH: Iíve had a lot of memorable meals. I feel like Iíve been fortune enough to hit a lot of the classic sort of, French Laundry, those type of places. But I guess, in particular, there was this one meal I had in Australia on a place called Kangaroo Island at the Southern Ocean Lodge. And it was some sort of insane steak that might have been Wagyu, but it was some sort of crazy-amazing steak Ö. And I was with a girlfriend of mine Ö itís the thing where, when we talk about it Ö you can, like, literally still taste the flavor. I think when I ate it, I remember saying, Iím not going to brush my teeth for days because I just donít want this flavor to go away.

    Whatís your guilty pleasure food?
    TH: Itís an interesting question because it kind of implies junk food, and Iím really not a processed-food person. So I guess like a guilty pleasure for me would be Ö 12 oysters, 12 Kumamoto oysters Ö Iíd feel guilty because it was so expensive.

    Do you have a favorite cookbook?
    TH: No, but I have a lot of them. I actually collect books, period. So I have quite a few first-edition books, and I sort of got very focused and sad about the idea of the book becoming Ö obsolete, so many years ago I sort of started collecting them, so I have a lot of cookbooks ó a lot of 1950s cookbooks.

    What kitchen tool canít you live without?
    TH: Tongs

    Whatís your favorite ďfood cityĒ to visit?
    TH: New York is the first thing that came to my mind Ö. I think I may have had some of the best pasta Iíve ever eaten in Florence Ö. That was a pretty crazy steak in Australia Ö Napa Valleyís got some amazing stuff. And Los Angeles has some amazing restaurants too. Ö I just went to Providence, which was great, in Los Angeles. At Barbuto [in New York City], kale salad, egg and pancetta pizza and roast chicken. This is, like, the best bacon and egg sandwich Iíve ever had in my life Ö it seemed weird conceptually, but it was unbelievable. And then [someone else and I] both had the roast chicken, which apparently [Chef Jonathan Waxman] is famous for. It was a perfect meal.

    Whatís your favorite late-night snack?
    TH: I try not to eat at midnight, but if was going to be forced to, it would definitely be salt, so rather than just having a salt lick, I would probably go with organic popcorn that I pop myself on the stove, and then real butter and salt.

    Whatís one must-have at your last supper?
    TH: Lamb. Perfectly cooked lamb. Oysters. That would be on the list. Lobster. Some sort of french fry. Risotto, maybe. All, of course, cooked perfectly. It would be huge. It would include tiny bites of almost everything.

    Rapid fire: Think fast!
    Ketchup or mustard? Neither
    Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate
    Coffee or tea? Coffee
    Burger or hot dog? Burger
    Cream cheese or butter? Butter
    Soda or water? Water
    Sprinkles or jimmies? Neither

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