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wrong coconut milk

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  • wrong coconut milk

    Mi cook some rice and peas last Sunday, and mi mussie put de wrong kind of coconut milk in dey.
    Because after mi nyam dey food fi two days straight mi nuh stop fart dung di place. Monday morning mi go to d bank fi deposit some money. While I was standing in d line, mi could feel one d fart dem a come. Mi try mi best to let it out slow because some people stand up behind mi. D fart was so powerful dat mi couldn't hold it back. Mi hear baaaaaarp baaaaarp behind mi. When mi turn round and look behind, mi see people hold dem nose and a fan dem self in de air condition building. Three people walk out d line and exit d bank.

    When mi reach up to deal with d teller one more fart let out. She stand up and look pan mi like she nuh smell nothing. In my mind i am thinking, if mi cyaa stand mi own fart , how she stand it. She mussie used to it.

    Mi on my way out d door and mi let out one more. Mi d security guard move wey quick.
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    I'm trying to find pumpkin soup recipe and you got me rollin lol


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      Ah how mi did miss dis?

      SkiJuice, yuh mek mi stomach ah hat mi from laughing soh much!

      Yes mi kno som ah dem power faat whe yuh ah talk bout. Wen dem ready fi com out, an di force dem produce, yu swear sey yuh rip suppen inna yuh rear end. member #946 for LIFE!


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        Unno please take this outa the kitchen...


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