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2014 Garden Harvest

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  • 2014 Garden Harvest

    It is coming to the end of the growing season for some of us uprooted Jamaicans. I am a little sad because I love to plant and eat mi owna food.

    But harvest time is also a time of giving thanks, so here goes...

    • Thanks to Kia's mommy for sending me the franken-callaloo seeds a few years ago. Dem come back every year. Hallelujah.
    • Thanks to Blu for recommending planting marigolds around my garden bed to deter bugs. It nevah work pan dem breed a bug dat want eat awf di callaloo

    • Thanks to God and the ancestors for sending plenty rain and sunshine this summer. The four tomato plants didn't know what to do but bear and bear an bear. Amen.
    • Thanks to the Jamaican pumpkin vine that made peace between my neighbor and me
    • Thanks for di raass (forgive I Lawd) pumpkin dat mi share wid a dozen families from the Caribbean and Africa.

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    peasie yuh kno mii neva tell yuh fe plant dem marigold

    still mii affii tenk yuh cah now mii kno fe neva plant marigold rund calalloo

    next ear mii affii goo deal widd dem teefinn wanngah guts racoons ann squirrels
    I have no desire to take all black people back to Africa; there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there.
    Marcus Garvey

    satire protected speech soo more fiyah


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      You don't remember? S'ok.

      This morning's light was incredible as it streamed through the pumpkin leaves.

      The marigolds are doing well. I cut some and made an arrangement with those purple petunias for a Washington Redskins fan. (Fiyah pan Redskins team name.)


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