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2015 garden tread

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  • 2015 garden tread

    wat a ting

    add four inches of snow last saturday but it look so beautiful

    look att my garden and i saw that sum of the perennials in ground starting to sprout

    so it time to start planning for the 2015 growing seasons.

    let chat bout what wi planning fe grow, oww fe deal widd insects, dem dam squirrels dat feasted on my garden last year, etc

    wander iff dem peeps down south planted already
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    satire protected speech soo more fiyah

  • #2
    Small garden this year as I taking off for a month or so. Ordered non gmo seeds from a pickney fundraiser and peat free starter pods... when the snow melt off the deck will set up my "greenhouse" and take it inside.


    • #3
      we have not started anything.

      first we have to clear the yard of winter debris and leftover snow
      we have raised garden boxes and will probably plant the usual tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, lettuce, callaloo comes back on its own (bugs love them)

      We have lettuce and basil in pots in the window waiting for warmer weather
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        Mommy peppers and callaloo sprouting up, she has to replant her tomatoes since the squirrel them had a field day with them.

        I started a herb garden with chocolate mint, spicy mint, sage, oregano,thyme,and lavender.


        • #5
          I need to clear out one section to plant sorrell. Also have to spread down some cayenne pepper to keep away the stray cats my neighbor keeps feeding.
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            Show me your papers.


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              Very funny Blackstar

              For my area, around May 1 is the best time to begin planting annuals outside. Yesterday I put in two plants each of tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper and one plant of Cuban habanero. I had already planted pots of thyme, Italian parsley, sage, rosemary, and basil. Oregano and chives come up each year in the same planters. I got a late start on callaloo and scotch bonnet from seed so I am hoping I can put seedlings in the ground in a few weeks.

              I put in flowering petunias, trailing ivy, and spike plants into patio planters. The clematis I put in last year are blooming up a storm and growing up on to posts from large pots. I bought two large holly bushes yesterday to add to my years-long effort to create an evergreen backyard privacy fence. I have to get them in the ground over the weekend.


              • #8
                Saw Ms Exced post and remembered I planted a clump of lavender near the mint. Also planted a small eucalyptus out of curiosity.


                • #9
                  My herbs doing great the mint them just a spread out so. I had to put the lavender in a pot for part Sun, part shade it was not doing well in full Sun.

                  Well the darn squirrel them eat off the baby avocados and the tomatoes. Mommy scotch bonnet peppers got transplanted in the ground and the callaloo doing great eat some already.


                  • #10
                    I killed the mint that wanted to take over my entire plot... garden bed turned over but still winter here (15cm of snow yesterday) Planting time far away although i have some bulbs and things that i going plant when it finish melt.


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