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Well I nevah... Dog hair extensions?

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  • Well I nevah... Dog hair extensions?

    What can you buy the pooch who already has canine coats, diamante collars and a top-of-the-range faux-fur bed?
    Doggle hair extensions, that's what.
    The latest fashion trend for man's best friend is 'Poochie Plumes' - 16.50 feather fur extensions made from feathers and available in an array of colours, patterns and sizes 'to fit your pet's personality'.

    Paw-dorable! Poochie Plumes- doggy hair extensions- are the latest dog accessory on the market

    The feathers won't damage your dog's coat as no glue is involved - each plume is attached using a silicon-lined 'micro ring' and a set of pliers.

    However, the fur must be at least 2cm long for 'installation' to work and if your dog is white, the colours from the wacky feathers may bleed.

    Hair of the dog: The extensions are made from feathers and come in an array of colours and patterns, which aim to suit your dog's personality

    Writing on her website, Bella Campbell, the brains behind the business, said: 'Poochie Plumes has developed a true art form in our design, creating varying vibrant arrangements.

    'You can even hand pick feathers of your choice and design your very own special unique arrangement.'

    The accessories from, can be left in for six weeks.
    Wash and setter, anyone?

    Accessorise all areas: Would you decorate your doggy's head in the 16.50 extensions?

    Pets Pyjamas - an e-tailer dedicated to spoiling your furry friend - has the perfect selection of gifts...
    A small treadmill to keep your pooch in shape will set you back 870

    Magical Deodorizing Spray, 9.98

    Want to treat your pooch to a cool treat? Look no further

    4 Venison Treats & 2 Popcorn, 18.50

    Doggie Ice Cream Cone Cookie, 6

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    o lordy. their wolf ancesters are howling in their graves

    what about the orphans in syria? no extensions for them
    When Miley Cyrus gets naked and licks a hammer it's *art* and *music* - when I do it I'm *wasted* and *have to leave the hardware store*.


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