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oh yes i am!

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  • He is pure sweetness

    Pic shows right way up on my phone.


    • lawd cuteness in the house

      love the outfit with the likkle vest
      “Not all those who wander are lost.” –J. R. R. Tolkien

      What if you took your life back....LIVE like you MEAN IT~~~~~FL


      • bwoy have some cute babies Alex growing so nice


        • daycare start

          been 3 weeks. rough transition. he seems fine enough there but emotional at home - especially waking up in the night with a list of demands. I have a better handle on it now and he's back to being pleasant - except for diving off the sofa and throwing toys. here are recent pics from a walk at the beach 3 weeks ago

          yup, he likes throwing things

          not my best pic but oh well


          • oh what a sweet lickle man. blessings to you both, FT. unu look nice together, mom and son.
            <span style="font-style: italic">All Glory to The Hypnotoad!</span>


            • He has your nose and mouth

              Nice pics of both or you

              Yuh nah cut di bway hair? I don't really care, but RichD gwine come in here and ask



              • Heart breaker Alex, looking good Ft


                • Nice going Sir Alex


                  • Yes him have u nose. Likkle bubba:love out:
                    Your Liberty To Swing Your Fist Ends Just Where My Nose Begins


                    • Thanks ladies.

                      No haircut fi now. Mi nuh like di idea of wasting mi time a barber and mi like him hair anyway. I may never see it at this length again.


                      • Originally posted by FrenchTickla View Post
                        Thanks ladies.

                        No haircut fi now.. I may never see it at this length again.
                        Until he is 16

                        he is adorable and growing nicely!!!
                        If you don't fight for what you deserve, you deserve what you get.
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                        • Alex update

                          So we almost 2 months into daycare. He's had a few colds and after some sleepless nights and me just plain worrying, we've been able to stay out of the hospital. He got his first ear infection but it was very minor

                          (I don't know why tinypic rotating the images)

                          He is still into throwing things, doesn't like to keep his pants on and even commands me to take off my pants some days too

                          He loves when I rub his head and will tek mi hand and mek mi know him waan himn head rub . we into the power struggles now so mi haffi pull some Nanny Jo pon him baxide. Hitting me and throwing toys are his favorite pastimes but mi a nip it inna di bud wid timeout and other consequences.

                          He is very curious like all kids are I suppose. He seems to love reading and will insist on which books to read at bed time. Him grabbit to! Will just shet whichever book mi have inna mi hand and she "All done read" and go to the bookshelf go pick out what him want. Him already trying to negotiate how many books to read before him haffi guh sleep. I'm so over Green Eggs and Ham (aka Sam), There's a wocket in my pocket (aka Pocket), I love my Hair (aka Hair), The Giving tree (which he calls by the right name) and so many of his other favourites. Trying to introduce new books is a pain because he is very resistant to new books unless he decides it is time.

                          him stubborn like him modda and chat nuff like him bio father! mi have mi work cut out fi mi


                          • lawks missis yu really mek him a play wid yu camera

                            So handsome


                            • bubba sweet as ever
                              FT him stawt fi a read to u yet( look at teh pics and mek up bit and peices of the story from memory)?
                              Myself tired of reading the same books over and over and over. and i hate wen seh force mi to skip pages. if mi affi read mi want to read the story in order mi no want skip back and forth. If u figure out how to avoid dis soon pls share LOL

                              dese kids have a technology problem dem cant keep away from it Tanya
                              is LV mek mi know say u can access the camera and music on di iphone without first unlocking it. she a hell fi tek pics and vids.
                              Your Liberty To Swing Your Fist Ends Just Where My Nose Begins


                              • lawd mi keep a forget say is Alex u call him now. hope u dont mind mi still stuck pan bubba. mi affi go memba fi call him Alex.
                                Your Liberty To Swing Your Fist Ends Just Where My Nose Begins


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