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oh yes i am!

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  • Wow. Three? Already?

    Beautiful, beautiful boy


    • You did good!! Please do not tek so long wid de pickcha dem nex time. tanks.
      Every obstacle is an opportunity in disguise.


      • Happy Birthday Alex, he's growing so sweet. In agreement with nunya leggo the pictures


        • I wonder how Hunter doing


          • HBD big man Bubba Frenchy is time fi him get a sibling now is weh u a wait pan?
            Your Liberty To Swing Your Fist Ends Just Where My Nose Begins


            • Originally posted by MsExced View Post
              I wonder how Hunter doing
              di one ILP just dash we weh so
              Your Liberty To Swing Your Fist Ends Just Where My Nose Begins


              • Happy Birthday Alex!! I cant believe you are 3 already!! Growing up nice and handsome!!
                If you don't fight for what you deserve, you deserve what you get.
                We are > Fossil Fuels --- Bill McKibben


                • Happy birthday Alex!


                  • Originally posted by FrenchTickla View Post
                    he's 3 today!

                    beautiful picture so very handsome


                    • Merry Christmus every baddy!!!


                      • 3 already WOW

                        Happy Belated Alex

                        enjoy the holiday wid him FT

                        hope yuh get some time off to just relax
                        “Not all those who wander are lost.” –J. R. R. Tolkien

                        What if you took your life back....LIVE like you MEAN IT~~~~~FL


                        • Love the Christmas card!


                          • Well it's been another year

                            Is long time mi nuh pass through. Bumping dis thread fi give a likkle update. The boy will be 4 in a few days. It's been quite a ride. Highs and lows but nothing I would wish to have missed out on. He is very witty, passionate, opinionated and affectionate - I get more hugs and kisses and I love yous than I ever thought I would need. Him just hand dem out without prodding. If mi buck mi toe him waan kiss it .

                            He's doing well in pre-school. He has lots of friends and enjoys "rhyming" where they will change a letter in a word and find it hilarious - dog is bog, tree is free - gut busting stuff for 4 year olds

                            He keeps me on my toes and grounded.

                            A few pics:

                            At a hippie playground somewhere in the NW this summer

                            With his grandpa (y'all know the story. this is bio dad's dad)


                            • Celebrating pride this summer

                              Road trip!

                              Visiting East Coast Fam

                              He loves My Little Pony! Maybe I did make him gay with my unconventional ways

                              Supporting our striking teachers. First day of the Seattle strike

                              Him nah leave out this cat! And she naw leff him either

                              this one is annoying but cute. she is always on his chair when he is eating

                              Well, family, here's a parting shot from a very good summer with my boy. We were waiting on the ferry to go camping. Until next time


                              • the one with the cat watching Alex from the stoop


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