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Who the heck is Marvin Sapp? Never heard of him

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  • Who the heck is Marvin Sapp? Never heard of him

    Apparently he has a herd of heffers running him down and offering to .

    IMPORTANT!!!! WOMEN PLEASE STOP SHOWING UP AT MY HOME!!! I haven't and won't inbox you if I'm interested. I'm not communicating with you via social media or through subliminal messaging. I'm not inboxing you asking for any amounts of money for anything.

    And to the woman that showed up today at 7:30am I have the make, model and license plate of your automobile and have reported it to the authorities.
    Are some women really THAT desperate?

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    black gospel singer... I guess u dont listen to black gospel.


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      Never heard of him. So why are women flocking him? I assume he is single. What's he got that's so appealing?


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            Oh dear...
            Sapp is the widower of MaLinda Sapp, who served as the Administrative Pastor at his Lighthouse Full Life Center Church. MaLinda died September 9, 2010, from complications of colon cancer.[6] Sapp has three children, Marvin II, Mikaila, and Madisson. On March 21, 2009, Sapp was initiated into the Grand Rapids Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. Sapp likes to appear in a church in Douglas, Georgia, called Hightower Memorial Temple. Sapp has been awarded honorary doctorate degrees from two non-accredited institutions, a Doctor of Divinity Degree from Aenon Bible College and the Doctor of Ministry Degree from Friends International Christian University.
            I guess people figure he needs a woman.


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              Women today are bolder and go for what they want...I also think some women are attracted to pastors (public leaders) as they hear them speak often and think that they are living the words they are preaching. They now have a view of the type of person they want to marry. Now someone like that is available hence the many women calling.
              Out of Many One People Online


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                I was always told the man should make the first move.


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                  Anyway I am suspicious. The last couple of music types who complained that women were just throwing themselves at them, turned out dem was rooksin every last one a dem and de "ooman are just t'rowing demselves at me" was just a cover story.

                  Mind you they weren't Christians.

                  I remember one who used to take me out every Friday night for 2 years...paid and everything. He is the one who flirted with me right in the miggle a his concert, called me and asked me out over and over again.....ALWAYS paid. He never got anything.

                  Always invited me to his concerts. Well one night there was a woman at the table going on and on about how she knew him and when he came to the table to talk to me he ignored her completely. After that she went for a LONG walk. I thought it odd. I asked him about it and he said he didn't know her and had never seen her before in his life.

                  We had a small don't even recall what it was about. The next morning I happened to run into him with a woman who supposedly just played in his band and I said something to him and he didn't answer and went on like he didn't know me. It was ODD!!

                  His excuse, I caught him off guard.

                  Fast forward....I eventually found out that he was a bad, bad boy with nuff ooman fi 'im in MANY countries.

                  When we had our final and I asked how shall we handle it if we run into each other in future. He said get this best we just not acknowledge each other.

                  Bingo!! That's what he did to the woman at the table.

                  Suffice it to say when a man in the music business complains that women are throwing themselves at him, Christian or Christian not, I am always suspicious and figure he is probably rooksin all a dem.
                  Last edited by Tropicana; 09-24-2014, 05:02 PM.


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                    Man this guy has a LOT of drama surrounding him for a Christian. Sorry I just don't think that so many women are this bold:

                    UPDATE: Police Confirm Body Found In Lake is Doctor Who Stalked Marvin Sapp

                    Police confirm that the body they found Sunday in an Indiana lake is that of Dr. Teleka Patrick. ReportsWOOD-TV:
                    During a news conference Wednesday in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller said it appeared that Patrick accidentally drowned in Lake Charles in Porter, Ind., although toxicology results were needed to confirm that….
                    Sheriff Fuller said they believe Patrick left Kalamazoo of her own free will on December 5th. They believe she may have been on her way to St. Louis to see an old friend who she had reached out to in the past. It was initially thought she was headed to Chicago.
                    According to authorities, Patrick drove to Indiana, became lost and then somehow ended up in the lake. Car keys, a pager and the $100 a co-worker gave her on December 5th were also recovered at the lake, according to Fuller.
                    According to numerous news reports, Patrick had been stalking Gospel singer and pastor Marvin Sapp and may have had undiagnosed mental health issues.
                    Patrick was likely suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness. After she disappeared, news broke that Patrick had been stalking Gospel singer and pastor Marvin Sapp.Sapp, who is based in Grand Rapids, said Patrick joined his church, contacted his children, and came to his home. Sapp filed an order of protection against Patrick.
                    “I’m a national recording artist on the RCA label who she has claimed as her husband,” Sapp said in a affidavit requesting an order of protection, Michigan Live reported. “I have at least 400 pages of correspondence from her, which I have never responded to. (It) has gone on for at least a year … I travel and I need to insure that when I’m home or away my teenage children are covered.”
                    A series of tweets and web videos have also emerged. Patrick’s ex-husband said her refusal to seek mental treatment led to the end of their marriage.
                    Those who last had contact with Patrick also say she was acting strangely.

                    Find it hard to believe he was not rooksin her.



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                      Now this.


                      Sorry he ain't all that.

                      Well, it looks like Marvin Sapp is being showered with “unwanted attention” yet again. Yesterday, the “Never Would Have Made It” singer took to his Facebook page, again, urging women to stop popping up at his home. His post reads:
                      “IMPORTANT!!!! WOMEN PLEASE STOP SHOWING UP AT MY HOME!!! I haven’t and won’t inbox you if I’m interested. I’m not communicating with you via social media or through subliminal messaging. I’m not inboxing you asking for any amounts of money for anything. And to the woman that showed up today at 7:30am I have the make, model and license plate of your automobile and have reported it to the authorities. #ThisMustStop #UNWANTEDATTENTION.”
                      This of course, isn’t the first time the widowed singer has gone public with tales of extremely persistent women who have aggressively pursued (and sometimes even stalked) him. Earlier this year, we were all shocked to learn that the single father actually had a restraining order taken out against Teleka Patrick, a missing medical student who relatives say suffered from a mental illness and whose body was later recovered from Lake Charles.

                      I agree with this next part.

                      I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s just something slightly bizarre about the nature and frequency of these stories. As someone who was raised in the church and has witnessed firsthand how relentless some women can be in their quests to be crowned First Lady, I still can’t help but wonder why Marvin has consistently been a target for this kind of behavior.

                      - See more at:

                      Trust me, he is rooksin all a dem every last one a dem.

                      Last edited by Tropicana; 09-24-2014, 05:03 PM.


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                        tropi oomen see imm ave sumting soo dem a trii fii gitt a piece

                        gospel singer nuh party like rock stars widd dem groupies?
                        I have no desire to take all black people back to Africa; there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there.
                        Marcus Garvey

                        satire protected speech soo more fiyah


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