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Serve im Right - im should Stick wid a Yawdie

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  • Serve im Right - im should Stick wid a Yawdie

    Now the ugly wife gets it all.

    Sir Chris Hohn, son of a Jamaican motor mechanic, was ordered by a High Court Judge to hand over about a third of a £1 billion fortune to Jamie Cooper-Hohn, earlier this month.The 49-year-old had wanted half of the money, but Judge Mrs Justice Roberts awarded her 36 per cent - £337 million - following a trial in the Family Division of the High Court in London.
    Today Mrs Cooper-Hohn said she had considered appealing the ruling but decided against it.

    The award is thought to be the biggest of its kind made by a judge in England.Legal experts say it is 'certainly' one of the biggest payouts to be pocketed by an estranged wife.

    She and Sir Chris married in 1995, had four children and had been married for more than 15 years, Mrs Justice Roberts was told.
    Mrs Cooper-Hohn had said the wealth had been created as a result of their 'partnership'.
    But the judge concluded that Sir Chris - who was educated at a state school and studied business and accounting at Southampton University - was a 'financial genius' who had made a 'special contribution' to the creation of the couple's fortune.

    She said they had met when studying in the United States, at Harvard near Boston. She said both had wanted to 'make the world a better place'.And she added today: 'Our family had three pillars at its core: work, philanthropy, and the care and nurturing of our children.
    'I was primarily responsible for two of thoseóraising four children and, as CEO and Founder, creating one of the world's largest and most impactful foundations.
    'I saw our marriage as an equal partnership with mutual interests. That our legal system failed to acknowledge our marriage in that light and saw the woman's role as less 'special' than the husband's contribution sends the wrong message to those who choose a life of service.
    'I truly hope our legal system will evolve to have more respect for a modern definition of marital partnership.'
    Sir Chris had told the judge: 'Over the long term I am an unbelievable money-maker.'
    He said he was a billionaire and in the 'top 10' career investors.
    But he had also told the judge that he did not 'really care about money' and said money did not bring happiness.
    Sir Chris had said he had visited the Philippines aged 20, seen poor children and vowed that if he ever had enough money to help poor children he would.
    He said by his mid-30s he had been in a position where he could retire and raise money for charity.
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      Now she gets a 3rd of everything he owns...good for her.


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        What, 15 years of marriage and four kids? Yep, I'm OK with her getting one third.

        If she was a Yawdie, he probably wouldn't be a billionaire
        aka ChurchDude. I want that moniker back! Until then....

        "Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to"
        ~ Anon


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          why him shoulda stick wid a yawdie? who seh that demographic holds your life partner? so if you bawn a canada, how dare you look cross di border? mi hope you being tongue in cheek bout it.

          i seh spread you wing and look anyweh dat strike you fancy


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            Originally posted by Diplomat View Post
            What, 15 years of marriage and four kids? Yep, I'm OK with her getting one third.

            If she was a Yawdie, he probably wouldn't be a billionaire
            On what basis do you say that?


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              How would him being to a Jamaican make the situation different. I think any wife would have taken him to court for financial support.
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                The marriage would have had a higher chance of success. No divorce and no handing over 1/3 of his fortune. These guys will ever learn.

                Anyway I think the wife should go after even more. Serve im right.


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